In case of an emergency with our car, we…

In case of an emergency with our car, we call a repair shop, about two miles from where we live. If the car is unable to be driven to the repair shop, they’ll send a tow truck. As far as our computer, our son knows a good repair person who gives generous senior citizen discounts, plus he actually knows how to repair a computer. 🙂 For medical emergencies, we have 911.

The only news around area churches, is that a lot of folks are on vacation. Half of our small congregation have gone to Louisiana to visit family.

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Car or Computer Give Up

I would rather give up my computer because I need my car. I don’t have to have a computer. For me a computer is a luxury. As a matter of fact, after coming down with the Crud (best overall description of a two week illness) I found little interest in the computer. Therefore I have resolved to do less with it. I unsubscribed to a number of emails, have used it for Bible study, posting my blogs, using it for information searches, and have only been on Facebook to check on one persons status. This is one of the few nudges I have responded to, altough I read all the postings here via email. My future participation my become sporadic. Can I do without my computer altogether, No. But I can sure be less active on it. It is a time robber.

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I’d rather give up my computer. My car …

I’d rather give up my computer. My car is a necessity to get to work and bring in some money to sustain my family, the computer is not a necessity.

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Nudge: Car or Computer–and why?

For today’s nudge, imagine that you were forced to give up either your car or computer–which would you part with? In other words, which is more valuable to you and why?

I’ll be gone the next several hours but will weigh in later today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and any news!

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