Jim Waldron: The challenge to the faith

Jim Waldron writes with great zeal on “The Challenge to the Faith.” It’s a tad long, but worth a read to stimulate some positive reflection on our task.

My attentions and energies turn to the local congregation, where converts may most effectively learn, observe, and practice the mission of God. The church contains all that is needed for the growth of the gospel. (Do you believe that?)

Let’s turn away from politics to devote ourselves to the work of the Lord.

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Publishing a magazine is lots of work. I’m restarting our Brazilian mag, trying to pull people in to help. It’s a challenge.


Daily Nudge: toughest question

What’s the toughest question you’ve ever been asked? Maybe it was a biblical question, or maybe it was personal. Could have been a stranger who asked it, or a member of the family.

Let’s assume it wasn’t an evil question, like many of the ones Jesus received, in attempts to trip him up, but a sincere one. Maybe it was recent, or it could have been when you were in, say, grade school or high school.

The field is open.

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Yesterday, the lesson centered on being …

Yesterday, the lesson centered on being imitators of God (Ephesians 4:25-5:2). While every Christian faces his or her own unique challenges, the challenge of imitating God is one that unites us together.

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Yesterday, the Daily Nudge asked the Fel…

Yesterday, the Daily Nudge asked the Fellows what was their favorite Bible verse. Today we ask what their greatest challenge is as a saint of God.

Remember: at some point or another people will disappoint you. God, never. He is faithful, the God who cannot lie, the Lord who always keeps his promises and serves as our blessed hope. We may not, like Abraham, know how he will fulfill his word, but we know that he will do it.

As you worship the Lord with his people on his day, may you be a blessing to many as you encourage and uplift others by your presence, by your voice, by your steadfastness, by your Amen.

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