Out and in, and it’s all good

Please read this post made today over on Forthright Press: “Changes coming to Forthright Press and Magazine.” We’re sad to lose a long-time friend and coworker, who is leaving because of personal needs. We’re also encouraged by some new blood coming in.

Speaking of new blood, later this week we’ll also have an announcement about a new columnist on Forthright Magazine. (You might want to sign up to both the magazine and the Press sites.)

Stay tuned!

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Transfer begun of The Fellowship Room

Earlier this year, we mentioned that we would move TFR from WordPress hosting onto our own paid hosting service. That process has begun. Along with that, the domain name fellowshiproom.com became available, and since it’s best to have a dot-com domain we bought it and will be using it.

As soon as the new domain is pointing to the new installation, we’ll export from here the posts and import them there. The old dot-org domain will be pointed to the new one.

This means for the Fellows that we’ll have to fix you up with new accounts, or at least new passwords. Await for word on that.

This is a great step forward, we hope, to serving the brotherhood in a great way.

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Hugh’s News & Views (Mid-Year Check-up)


It is hard to believe that we have now reached the mid-point of 2016! As the great Texas philosopher and country music icon, Willie Nelson, wrote and sang several years ago, “Ain’t it funny how time slips away?” I think now would be a good time for us to do a spiritual check-up of ourselves to see where we stand at mid-year 2016 and to make the changes that may need to be made. Continue reading

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Site transfers in progress, expect a bit of mess

Many of the Forthright/GoSpeak sites are being transferred to a new host server: Forthright.net, believingprayer.com, brotherhoodnews.com, and others, including my personal site. Such transfers are always a bit messy, so bear with us.

We hope two problems will be solved with this change: (1) Entire IPs should not be blocked any longer, so more people will have access to the site; (2) Search engines will have it easier indexing our sites.

This should encourage many of our Australian and Asian friends.

Our thanks to Matt Clifton for his help in this.

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Things that lost their original purpose

Here from my perch are things that seem to have lost their original purpose:

  • U.S. government;
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts;
  • Public schools (well, maybe they always had the indoctrination purpose);
  • YMCA — oh, sorry, the Y;
  • Some religious publishing houses and some Bible societies;
  • Fellowship meals;
  • In some places, the church.

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