A commentary that eerily sounds like Genesis 3:4

Someone recently gave me a copy of “The Ryrie Study Bible” published by Moody Press (last copyrighted in 1978). Based on the New American Standard translation (last copyrighted in 1977), this study Bible contains a “Gospel Harmony” section, a topical index, multiple maps, multiple time-lines, numerous chain-reference scriptures, a table for weights, measure and coins, a breakdown of Jesus’ parables, a schedule to read the Bible in a year, ample space for marginal notes and a footnote commentary provided by Charles Caldwell Ryrie, Th.D., Ph.D..

Despite all of the “extras” that came with this copy of the Bible, I took the book for one specific reason – I did not have a hard-copy of a NAS Bible. So I took the book and started reading.

Now, whenever I check out a translation for the first time, I have a few “go-to” scriptures in the Old and New Testament that I read in order to get a basic understanding of the original translator’s goal, namely: were they attempting to make a beneficial word-for-word translation for the reader, or were they inserting their own theological point-of-view by making a word-for-thought translation to influence the reader. Continue reading

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There is a movement afoot in the brotherhood. It goes by the nefarious name, “Whatever It Takes.” You have all seen it and heard it. Supposedly, there are some who are willing to compromised God’s Word in order to win more souls to Christ. As our preacher is wont to say, there is a Greek word for that and the word is…baloney. If you compromise the truth, then you are no longer winning souls to Christ. You are merely winning souls to bolster your own philosophy. I don’t care how popular, well known and important you think you are, if you compromise the Word of God for any reason, you are condemning both yourself and those who follow you. Can I hear an Amen? Or am I wrong?

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