An opportunity to help out flood victims in Louisiana

As of August 23rd, the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort has sent at least 14 semi-truck loads of help to the Louisiana area. More shipments will follow, so if you’re looking for a way to help out the people who have been hit so hard by the recent flooding, you don’t have to look any further than the provided link above.

Flooding in Lousiana

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Buster Martin ran in the London Marathon in…

Buster Martin ran in the London Marathon in 2008 and when he did, he set a new record. He walked the 26 mile course and did so in ten hours. But the record did not involve his time, but his age. He was 101 years old and already held world records for the oldest person to run the 5K, 10K and the half marathon. He still worked three days a week cleaning vans and on his days off trained for the marathon at a nearby gym with a pair of trainers. Buster said, “You are never too old to do what you enjoy.” Martin ran to raise money for a charity which helps parents of children with life-threatening illnesses. Buster passed from this life in April, 2011. But I say, Hats off to Buster, a man who was never too old to help others. This is Just A Minute.

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Churches of Christ Disaster Relief

The churches of Christ Disaster Relief has been making the news in various ways over the last couple of days here in Middle Tennessee. The following is a short story that one of the local news channels has on their website:

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- As victims from Superstorm Sandy continued to work to get back on their feet, middle Tennessee residents have been doing what they can to help.

At the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief warehouse in South Nashville more than 200 volunteers manned a giant assembly line. Each box they pack can sustain a family of four, for a couple of days.

“We’re loading supplies up for Hurricane Sandy up in New Jersey and New York,’ said one Goodpasture High School student.

Students from Goodpasture High School and local volunteers packed up hundreds of boxes ready to be transported to the Northeast. Thousands of people in the northeast are still without power, so something as simple as a twist off lid on a jar of peanut butter will really be appreciated.

In less than two hours the volunteers filled 1, 300 food boxes. The boxes were loaded up in an 18-wheeler and are on the road to the Northeast.

A few moments ago I heard that one of the trucks was heading to the community of firefighters and police that was hit hard by the fire outbreak. My prayer is that the churches that will be receiving the shipments of supplies will be prepared to help sow some seed along with the charity they will be sharing…perhaps the charity will sow the seed through its actions.

I personally would encourage individuals and congregations alike to keep this work in mind financially speaking. Your dollar will go much, much further with them than with anyone else that is accomplishing any like-minded work.

And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith.” (Galatians 6:9-10)

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Keep in your prayers…

If you would, keep the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief group in your prayers. I have already heard at least one news media group on the radio refer to them and their response to help bring some relief to the people whose lives have been affected by hurricane Sandy.

Disaster Relief is a work that Keltonburg helps to support throughout the year and I have visited their facilities in Nashville personally and seen the set up…what they’ve accomplished in the past and present is impressive and worthy of praise as they strive to bring glory to God through the charity of the church during dark times in people’s lives. Untold numbers of lives have been touched through the gospel because of their work and efforts.

Here’s a link to their website. Information about the trucks that have left and the congregations they are coordinating with in the Northeast area is at the top of their “Latest News” column. Keep the workers, the truck drivers and the congregations there in your prayers.

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Give Away

This past weekend, the church where I am a member (Sullivan IL) had a “great give-away.” From our perspective it was a “great” success.I do not know how many people we served, but I would guess it was well over 200, and I might be conservative in this estimate. A sister “headed” up the event, but she had great assistance from many others. We handed a bag to each person who came in; inside this bag was literature from the church. Whether it was read or not, I do not know – but they had it if they desired to read it. The give away consisted, primarily, of clothing items, especially winter clothing. However, along with clothing items, we had toys, books, games, and various other things. What was left over, we gave to DOVE (or some other women’s shelter).

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