PCYC: Post-Mortum

All the teens are still talking about the camp. Facebook has been a wonderful thing. The Purcellville and Arab kids are all linked together, sharing photos and stories and keeping up with the lives of their new found friends. For our kids, this fellowship is really critical. We are on an island up here, and the kids don’t have other Christian friends from close by congregations around. I continue to see how this experience has affected the lives of not just my sons, but our entire teen group.

One of the things we did was to record the singing at our Bible camp as  I wanted to have some singing on the web site, but let me tell you, it has paid off in spades. Links to the singing are spreading between these kids on Facebook. The kids are living the experience again and loving it.

The recording was rather last minute and could have been executed better, but it’s not bad considering. For those interested, I’ve posted selections along with photos here: http://www.purcellvillecoc.org/pcyc/2010/

One lesson I’ve learned is to never underestimate the power of the little things.

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Confidence in judgment & news

At PCYC, we had been talking all week about running the Christian race. In the teen girls class I was teaching, we were talking about how bad attitudes can hinder us in that race. We tied each of the attitudes to a lack of repentance. Yesterday morning, we closed by talking about the great judgment day, when the books will be opened and every man judged according to his works — how there is a record of our lives and that record will be compared to God’s word, which endures forever. Last evening, at the close of PCYC, two young ladies came forward because as they said, they wanted confidence on the day of judgment.

In total, we had 5 responses. One an adult, who is of a Catholic background and has asked for a Bible study. We additionally have two tentative Bible studies set up with families from the community. One teenage girl is begging to come back on Wed nights to be a part of our teenage girls class. I am so blessed to have been a part of this camp.

I will be following up with an article for Brotherhood News.

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PCYC in full swing

Been completely immersed in PCYC this week. We had 67 kids today, 10 of which were visitors from the local area. Only 3 of those kids had any prior contact with any member of our congregation. The father of two thanked us for going door to door when he picked them up today — said they would have never known about it if we hadn’t done so. More to come…

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PCYC 2010 is getting ready to launch!

The Purcellville Christian Youth Camp is July 12-14. Our theme is Christian olympics — with an emphasis of “go for the crown”. 15 of our adults have volunteered to help run the camp — many of these are taking vacation from their jobs to participate. We’re also very excited to have a group of 26 kids (mostly teens) and 13 adults from the church of Christ in Arab, AL coming to help with the camp. Since we don’t have an actual camp ground, we need to house our guests. Many of our members are opening their homes to provide beds and showers for them.

We are offering this camp as a free service to the surrounding community as an outreach activity to win people to Christ. We’ve created and distributed camp brochures at a local city festival and at the local Tropical Smoothie shop. We’re running Facebook and Google ads targeted at the local community. We will be sending out a special House-to-House issue with advertising for the camp. Finally, on the Sunday afternoon before camp, the teens will canvass the adjacent neighborhood trying to get community teens to join us.

Can’t wait!!!!

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