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This letter is written in sincere love and deep appreciation for all faithful Christian secondary schools, colleges, universities, Schools of Preaching, and Bible Institutes.  I am a beneficiary of a Christian education (both high school and college), and have long been a proponent and supporter (financially and otherwise) of Christian education.   Therefore, nothing that is said in this “Open Letter” is to be construed to mean that I am opposed to an academic education that takes place in institutions that are dedicated to providing a genuine Christian education (i.e., an education that honors the teaching of the divinely inspired word of God).  Continue reading

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FHU Prez Wiley to retire

Dr. Joe Wiley has announced he will retire as president of Freed-Hardeman University effective June 1, 2017. In sharing his decision, Wiley said, “When I interviewed for the position of president of FHU, I was asked how long I intended to serve. My response was a minimum of seven years and a maximum of 10. This year, I will complete my ninth year as president of Freed-Hardeman University.” While stating his intent to retire at the end of the 2016-17 academic year, Wiley added, “If a new president is not identified and/or not able to take office on June 1, 2017, the board has requested (and I have agreed) that I will continue to serve as president until a successor has been employed.”

via FHU – Freed-Hardeman President Joe Wiley Announces Retirement

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Too much zeal?

hands-workIn Monday’s editorial for Forthright Magazine, I made a short reference that “devoting oneself to the work of God should not make us dependent on the saints.” It was one of two possible explanations for 1Th 4.11, Paul’s instructions about working with one’s own hands. Here’s more on that idea.

Citing two sources, Victor Furnish finds it to be a “somewhat more plausible suggestion” that behind Paul’s instruction to the Thessalonians to work with their own hands (1Th 4.11) lies the problem that “some believers were so caught up in a zeal to evangelize that they neglected to care for their own and their families’ needs” (First Thessalonians, Second Thessalonians, Abingdon NT Commentary, 2007, 98).

Would to God that we had that problem in the church today!

One thing that might militate against this proposal is that the church is always (is there an exception?) instructed in the New Testament to support those who teach and evangelize. Might not Paul have told the Thessalonians to get behind such people and provide for their needs? Still, it is an intriguing possibility, is it not?

• One basis of appeal that the prophet Jeremiah uses to urge Israel to repent is so that they might fulfill God’s purpose for them in the world. “Then you would be a blessing to the nations of the world, and all people would come and praise my name” (Jer 4.2 NTL). Israel was not evangelistic, in the strict sense of the word, but God did intend for them to be a blessing to those around them (see his promise to Abram, Gen 12.1-3), by bringing the knowledge of God to the pagans. Is there a lesson for the church here?

• Posterous, I think I’ve said before, is shutting down April 30. We knew it was coming, but I’m still miffed that the owners sold out to Twitter. I considered it one of the coolest services out there. Now, two of the original creators, who parted ways with the sell-outs before the betrayal, have started, basically a recreation of their first effort. Except this one will have a financial base from the get-go, since they’ll charge $5 a month for up to 10 spaces/sites. Better yet, they’ve done an import path from Posterous. Worked like a charm. I’m pulling for their success.

I’ve already transferred Quick Bible Truths to it. Others will go that route as well. All the features are not yet available, but they’re working on them.

• In his “audience” earlier today, Mr. Francis of the Catholic Church notes correctly that God chose women to be the first witnesses of the resurrection. But he then seems to restrict unnecessarily an application from that truth: “This is beautiful, and this is the mission of women, of mothers and women, to give witness to their children and grandchildren that Christ is Risen! Mothers go forward with this witness!”

We shall be gracious and consider that he is giving an audience and not writing a treatise on the subject. But outside the meetings of the church, there seem to be few New-Testament restrictions on women in the work they do. Their witnessing, or teaching, should not be restricted to their children and grandchildren. Continue reading

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Jim Waldron's Bulletin Briefs

The Jan./Feb. edition has been released. Here’s how he starts out:

In this new year of 2011, I can state from personal knowledge that there is far less zeal in our brotherhood today for preaching the gospel to every creature, than there was fifty years ago, when across this land, brother Ira Rice and others were holding world mission workshops and preaching the urgency of "World evangelism."

There is little doubt, that there are various reasons for this lack of zeal at this present time; but one of the most harmful contributions to that lack of zeal is that the ’50’s, ’60s and following decades saw many of our most talented young people being mesmerized by leaders in institutions of higher learning among us. Mesmerized due to the passion for accreditation of their theology departments to be like those of worldly colleges and universities.

Even though I quoted Barth and Brunner recently, his points are valid. Worth a read from this missionary veteran. The direct link to the PDF file is HERE.

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Who stole David Lipscomb College?

With that title to his March newsletter, sent a few minutes ago, missionary Jim E. Waldron takes aim at Lipscomb University. It’s not yet online on his website, so here’s an excerpt:

The crime was perpetrated by the board of directors being encouraged by staff and teachers whom they hired.  By these I mean, not all, but far too many of the faculty and staff, who had been trained in denominational theological seminaries and in other anti – Christ seats of higher learning.  Virtually all from their youth in Tennessee and other parts of the country had been trained in the holy scriptures as Timothy was (2 Tim. 3:15), but in the theological cemeteries their faith was buried at the feet of the liberal and modernistic teachers.

Now brother Lipscomb’s school is being used to promote the agenda of change agents that want to restructure the churches of Christ into being “you are okay, I’m okay” community churches that can have joint services with those who hate the very concept that we ought to walk in the old paths of the gospel (Cf.  Jer. 6:16).

What does this have to do with world evangelism?  It means that churches caught up in the community church movement will not be wanting to support the preaching that there is one and  only one church that Jesus planted and is coming back for.  Beloved we are committed to preaching the pure and unperverted gospel (Gal. 1:6-9) and obeying 2 Tim. 2:2 to train faithful men who will do the same when you and I are dead.

He has a point, so faithful churches need to consider taking up the slack and doubling their efforts to fulfill the divine mandate to preach the gospel in the whole world.

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