She gave the best she had to give


Sierra, our youngest granddaughter, was about six when we went to visit her family in Texas. She had agreed that Mama Lala, her great-grandmother, could sleep in her room. Sierra offered to sleep in a sleeping
bag on the floor in her older sister’s room. Continue reading

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Are We Teaching…

Look around. I absolutely agree that we need to be doing more teaching about the Bible. I absolutely agree that we need to stress the Bible more and urge close attendance to what it says. But there is another issue we need to dress. Look carefully at the congregation with which you worship. Take note.
1. Who prepares the communion?
2. Who replaces the light bulbs?
3. Who mows the lawn?
4. Who teaches the children’s classes?
5. Who cleans the building?
6. Who prepares for pot luck meals?
7. Who teaches Ladies’ Bible class?
OK, enough of the questions. I cannot speak for the congregation with which you worship, but in too many cases, these “chores” fall to the older members. The excuse is that the younger members are too busy to do these things. That excuse is just that…an excuse. When our kids were young, we were involved in all of those things. We, the older members, are charged with teaching the younger members. I am forced to realize we sadly fail in this area in many congregations. I am forced to ask: When this older generation passes, will the younger generation even know where the supplies are kept? Just a thought.

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Is example enough?

Okay, here’s another thought question. We are taught that we can teach others by our walk of life. Now, I absolutely agree that we who are Christians are obligated to live godly lives. We are obligated to show others that God rules in our lives. My question is this: What good does that do others who are not Christians if we never sit down with them and teach them why we live that way, and what they can do to also become children of God?

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The Example of the Thessalonican Church

The Apostle Paul visited the city of  Thessalonica on his  2nd  missionary  journey.  He was there  preaching about 3  weeks.  The  theme of the Epistle is a least fourfold:

  1. To confirm the young converts in Thessalonica in the foundational truths
  2. To exhort them to a life of personal holiness pleasing to the Lord.
  3. To comfort them concerning those who had died; and
  4. To instruct them concerning their own hope of the Lord’s return.

Paul commended the believers there because, according to I Thes. 2:13, they accepted the message.  because it came  from God, not men.  There are many  things we can take from this congregation.

The word “example” can  have both  a positive and a  negative aspect. We see the “positive” aspect  in this  account. The believers not  only accepted the  teaching that  Paul gave and became a  congregation of  faithful ones, but  they did not  keep the   “Good news” to themselves.

They embodied  the  Lord’s teaching in the Great Commission to “go into all the  world and preach the gospel…”  They had been  called out  of the darkness of the  kingdom of Satan and were now in the kingdom of the Lord Jesus, the  Church of Christ.   Continue reading

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Such people still exist

The link to this Heroic Stories issue may not be good forever, but a Kenyan whose phone is stolen finds it in the hands of a Tanzanian college girl who’d received it as a gift. She insists on returning it. He can’t believe someone would do that. But she did it “because of her personal Christian beliefs.”

He said it changed the way he looked at people.

Now that’s a story to share.

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