Good poem about the ironies of Calvary

I thought it would be good to share this poem which was published in the latest Bulletin Gold.

The poem was written by Edd Sterchi, who preaches for the church in Kentucky.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

The Ironies of Calvary
By Edd Sterchi

Man of sorrows, Prince of Peace,
Son of Joy, Man of griefs,
Wounded healer, Rejected King,
Earth’s disdain, Salvation’s wing.
Friend of sinners, Friendless One,
Men charge sin to the Holy Son,
Innocent, yet judged with guilt,
Had no home, but mansions built.
The irony Christ was and gave,
Buried, yet o’ercame the grave,
The irony Christ makes in you,
Buried in Him, you’ll rise anew.

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This We Know

by J. Randal Matheny

Let faith not shake from false reports,
We know the truth that never fails;
The facts about Jesus fill our mind,
And satisfy the search for meaning.

The rebellious refuse to bow the knee,
Imprisoned by their prized passions;
Their doctrines open the door to sin,
Inclusive grace more clever than God’s. Continue reading

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No God in Heaven or Earth Exists

No god in heaven or earth exists,
Besides the Lord who made it all;
Of spirit and truth our God consists,
Before his throne in awe we fall.

He’s One in work and heart and mind,
The Father, the Son, and Spirit three;
By only his sovereign will confined,
And love that nailed him on a tree.


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I ASKED THE LORD I asked the Lord…


I asked the Lord to seek and search,
And do in our midst a mighty thing;
He brought a man and his son to church,
That none, to date, had been able to bring.

God bends the human will to move,
No hand is waved, no word is said;
His touch of a heart, by prayer to prove,
Is greater than turning a stone into bread.


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Morning silence


Of morning's birth,
No baby's cry awakes
The dawning light of tender life,
But clouds laden with cares
Dropped in the dark
Their tears.


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Boko Haram

When girls should play with dolls,
They’re nabbed and forced to marry,
To change their deity’s name—
A burden no child should carry.


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Easter, That Yearly Date

Easter is not biblical

Easter, that yearly date,
Appeared some centuries late;
The Christians first observed
That weekly supper, unnerved
By pagans’ hateful threats.
But worldliness begets
Desire to imitate
An attractive fleshy trait.
And so in time arose
That the faith resembled its foes.


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