Love fills every lack, because…

Love fills every lack, because it is the generator of all the Christian virtues. In this way, love is able to make us co-participants of the divine holiness. Spiritual and personal growth of each one of us is not related to our gifts, knowledge, or talents, but with our learning to love as God loves.

—João D’Arc

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“Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near” Philippians 4:5.

Every parent has probably come upon a heated exchange between his or her kids and, instead of charging in, has listened to gather facts and see if they will work it out in a good way. Often, it is the aggressor who finds that the other is not being the pushover that he had hoped and, upon seeing the parent, immediately pleads for help and intervention.

Wrong-spiritedness is common among adults too—and sadly among brothers and sisters who are supposed to be imitating Christ, who was the gentle Lamb led to the slaughter.

Just a few verses before this, Paul pleads with two Christian sisters, “who had contended at [his] side in the cause of the gospel” and may have not have been bearing the spiritual fruit of gentleness with each other. But Paul is not the parent here but only the brother who is saddened by their ungentle spirit.

Oh, how the rest of the body is affected as well as our message to a lost world when we are harsh with one another! But, more than that, Paul appeals to our heavenly Father who “is near” and always watching.

Is the spiritual fruit of your gentleness evident to all?

Doug Kashorek

Plattsburgh church of Christ

author of Kin of Cain

a Christian historical fantasy

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Adam Cozort writes on The Christian Graces

This comes from David Lemmons’s email today when he sent out the congregation’s bulletin.

May I tell you about a new book?  My young friend, Adam Cozort, has come out with another book.  He first wrote, Studies in Genesis, and now comes forth with: The Christian Graces: God’s Blueprint for the Development of Complete Christians.  This one is a bit shorter than the previous because he is dealing with only three verses.  May I share with you what I wrote to him…

I have now read your excellent book on 2 Peter 1:5-7.  I think you have done a great service to the brotherhood by zeroing in on this vital passage. You did a wonderful job of helping readers to understand how important this instruction is for our spiritual well-being.  Anyone who takes the time to ponder, for just a few minutes, the subtitle of your book will receive a blessing.  Especially is that so as they continue carefully to read the text.  The flow of the book is very well done and I think you have definitely written something worth reading.  I recommend it highly to all.

Adam says that the new book will be released in the next two or three weeks.  The book will retail for $5.00, but you might be able to get one pre-ordered by contacting Adam’s father, Keith, for a discounted rate of: $4.50.  His Email: cozortATsbcglobalDOTcom. If you can encourage this excellent young writer, I would urge you to do so.

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