Good website for biblical articles in English and Spanish

For a no-where-close-to-fluent Spanish speaker, one of the challenges to finding good biblical articles in Española is being able to understand what you’re reading before you print it out and pass it along to others. Other than using Google-translate (which has its flaws) or having an actual translator near-by (which is not readily available in my case) there aren’t a lot of options that I have been able to find … until now. Continue reading

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Larry’s Lines Update

I have  updated  my blog “Larry’s Lines.”  I have  add a  new Theme,  added  some  graphics to the   posts and  have  updated some of the  older posts.   The web address is  

I hope you will visit the  site and let  me know you came.  You can make  comments  on the  posts. It would greatly encourage me.  I want to than Bro. Randal  for allowing  me  to share  my  thoughts and insights.  Also, I ask that you continue to pray for my  aunt, Laverne Collins. She is  home from the Nursing Home but still needs our prayers



Church events

Christian website

Seems to be a new website to post church events and congregational information, Not much information, however, about who’s behind it and what their approach will be, what types of churches they’ll include. So it might be very useful, or one of those sites you have to warn people to be careful about.

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Getting out the word about your work

To publish to an even wider world the good things you have to say here, we’ve created the Christian Hub, a web site that pulls together titles and links of your posts, BNc news reports, FMag articles, and much, much more. It serves as a launching pad for many points afield in the Internet. One can (and, I might say, should) make it the home page in one’s browser. There are explanation on the site how to do that as well.

Let’s get the word out and pray that this will be a good tool for bringing more people in to read TFR and other faithful Christian offerings.

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