Everyone a motivator

In the preface to his book Bring Out the Best in People, Alan Loy McGinnis wrote,

… virtually everyone is a motivator in one situation or another—when we’re persuading a friend to lose weight, or giving a pep talk to our kids, or trying to help a batter out of a slump, we’re motivators. Either we are doing it poorly or we are doing it well.

Christians are motivators, in a real way. They are not mere educators. They want people to do something, obey the gospel. They not only tell people what God has done in Christ and what each person must do to be saved — information —, but they also encourage and exhort so that people will be moved to act — motivation. Continue reading

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Might a new congregation be coming to this city?

Please excuse the inclusion here of this link, but since TFR is a work of Forthright Press / GoSpeak, we’ll impose upon your forbearance. We covet your prayers for this possible beginning in a neighboring city. No NT church has ever met here, as far as we know.

We recommend the new GoSpeak site. It shares news of our efforts to supporters and interested friends. It doesn’t yet have a feature to follow or sign up to the site. (Some services do this for free, but I’m not familiar with any to be able to recommend one.) For now, I’m notifying folks by email. I can add yours if you want to know when the site is updated. JRM

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We’re readying and praying for a new start…

We’re readying and praying for a new start tomorrow in the new work I’d mentioned, here in SJCampos. Please pray we touch some lives. We’re starting small, no big noises, so we don’t expect to have any impressive news to tell. Nevertheless, the Lord works in the planting of the seed.

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Good News for Our Area

So asks the Daily Nudge. Around here, we’re getting two new families of experienced Christians in the Taubate church. This will greatly reinforce our work in that city.

One comes from the other side of the state, the husband a bank manager being transferred here. The other comes from the northeast, a military man (we have many military installations here) come to do helicopter pilot training.

We have long prayed that the Lord would send more workers into this field. It seems that at long last that prayer is being answered. Perhaps that’s why I’m thinking of the next city down the road.

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