Starting year #11

Yesterday was a great day for Ranae & I. The Clinton congregation surprised us with a special tribute for the 10 years I’ve served as a preacher locally. There was a neat slide show, some commentary by Patrick English, a very nice financial gift, a scrapbook, and a host of letters of encouragement from the local brethren and some area Christians who I am close with (thanks for the very kind letter, Ron!). I have been blessed with great friends and although I really wasn’t “down” in any sense of the word, I am exceedingly “high” today!

P.S. Incidentally, the “ordination service” post just caused me to think about the sort of “anniversary service” we had yesterday in Clinton. Perhaps Rom. 13:7 is the best authority for such?

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Our Classes in Clinton, IL

Since we’re small, we tend to be guided more by content than the calendar when it comes to our classes. It works for us quite well. Currently, on Sunday morning’s, our adult class is studying 1 Timothy. I teach a youth class (2 of our recent converts, ages 10 & 12) and am using David Pharr’s “Beginning of Our Confidence” (a very good fundamentals book). On Sunday nights we’re preparing to begin a study on Hebrews (we use the last 15 minutes of our assembly for our Pew Packers class). On Weds, we currently have divided classes based on gender. The men & boys are studying what it takes to be a “real man of God” (spending a lot of time in 1 Tim 3) and also leadership training (presenting devos, leading singing, etc.). My 5 year old lead a song in class last week and my 7 year old presented a 2-minute devo (on what life would be like if there was no God). Even my son who is almost 2 years old tries to get involved after class (he loves to go up to the podium, open his NT, look around, say “Amen” and then sit down–LOL). The ladies and girls are studying a lot from Titus 2, etc.

Baby #4 is only 15 days away (according to the due date, anyway). I’ve been kidding Ranae about her delivering on this Thursday! 🙂

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Clinton, IL news

Last night we had wonderful dinner in our home for 4 preachers and their wives (they all drove between 30 – 75 minutes to come). It was warm enough to grill out burgers and chicken and feast on beans, corn, potato salad, chips, smores, and a bunch of other things I can’t even remember. It was a good time. I’m blessed to have some good preaching buddies in central IL. I’m even more blessed to have a wife who loves to be hospitable (even when she is due with baby #4 on April 12th!).

And speaking of my dear wife, she thoroughly enjoyed a baby shower the ladies here hosted for her this afternoon. Nothing elaborate, but they loaded her up on diapers! It was very kind of them to do.

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