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I remember living in New Mexico, serving in the United States Air Force. I was somewhat moderately religious, but the moderation was because of heritage more than anything else. I did read the Bible and had some low-level knowledge, like knowing where the Ten Commandments could be found when someone asked me. I was also a member of the Nazarene Church, the church of which my parents were associated, but one to which my grandmother was loyal. My experience in the Nazarene Church was good, but my commitment to them was not as good.

As a member of the USAF, while in New Mexico, I was introduced to the “church of Christ” for the first time. To me, one church was a good as another and, by and large, they were all good. The churches I knew I had no real interest in would have been the Mormons and Catholics, but Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists – I had no real objections to these. Continue reading

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Hugh’s News & Views (Significant Statements)

Hugh’s News & views


Last week I told of the conversion to Christ of Joanne Howe, a former Catholic nun. I mentioned that Joanne has written three books: A Change of Habit, From Nun to Priest, and Biblical Answers to Catholic Questions, all published either by the Gospel Advocate Company of Nashville, TN or a subsidiary of the Gospel Advocate. With permission from Neil Anderson, owner of the Gospel Advocate Company, I am sharing with my readers this week some of the many significant statements from Joanne’s pen as she recounted her “journey” from Catholicism to the church of which we read in the New Testament, the church of Christ. All the quotations will be from the first two books mentioned above, and for convenience I will abbreviate them as “Habit” and “Priest.”

“Although I knew the Bible was the world’s best-selling book, I couldn’t explain the purpose of its message, nor did I understand why it was written. The contents of both the Old and New Testaments were mystifying in their teachings and overwhelming in the information they conveyed. Because I had never been taught how to read the Bible or how to understand its message, I felt woefully ignorant of God’s purpose for having it written. When I was told that it would tell me who I was, where I was going, and how I would arrive at my destination, I was confused and concerned that I had never received any instruction like this as a Roman Catholic” (Priest, p. 19).

“Anxious to discover other messages, I arranged a Bible study with Mr. Coffman. I was impressed with his knowledge of Scripture, and I admired his ability to quote passages accurately from memory. As a result of counseling, my self-confidence was strengthened, and thoughts and feelings became stabilized” (Habit, p. 92).

“My conscience reeled. Throughout my adult life I had sincerely believed that I belonged to the only true church established by Jesus, under the guidance and direction of the Pope . . . Now I was confounded with the scriptural teachings that the Roman Catholic Church was not founded on Peter, but on erroneous interpretation of the Bible” (Habit, p. 96).

“Though confused over the conflicts between my religious views and Scriptures, I remained steadfast in my belief that the Roman Catholic Church was the true church and that its teachings and traditions were divine and apostolic. I had been taught that the Bible was not a sufficient rule of faith and that God’s revelations were also contained in tradition. Scriptures alone could not convey a sure knowledge of faith and morals. Determined to uphold my Catholic principles, I refused to believe that my church would teach me error” (Italics Joanne’s, Habit, p. 97)!

“I was totally bewildered! Many teachings, traditions, and doctrines of my religion were nowhere to be found in the Scriptures! My faith in Roman Catholicism was shattered by the revelations in God’s Word” (Habit, p. 100).

“I felt numb as the impact of the Scriptures sank in” (Habit, p. 107).

“Confronted with Roman Catholic doctrines that were in complete contradiction to God’s inspired teaching, I wrestled with remaining in my parents’ religion, or choosing God’s plan for salvation. Finally, after many hours of prayer and study of God’s promises, I abandoned my life to Jesus and was born again in the waters of baptism” (Habit, p. 111).

“Today, as a New Testament Christian, I have joy and peace in my heart, knowing that Jesus is my shepherd and will guide and protect me wherever I go. He is the joy of my salvation” (Habit, p. 111).

“Many with whom I have spoken do not believe in the Bible nor in the existence of absolute truth. They believe that all truth is relative and that what may be true for one is not true for another . . . I am a believer in the Bible as God’s Word. I accept God’s teachings as absolute. I understand that truth is knowable and that the Scriptures are truth” (Priest, p. 11, 12).

“We live in troubled times, days of uncertainty, religious divisions, confusing philosophies, doctrinal error, and threat of nuclear annihilation. Jesus came to this earth so that you and I might have life and have it more abundantly” (Habit, p. 116, 117)

Are you saved, based on what you have read and learned from God’s Word, or are you depending on the doctrines of man” (Habit, p. 117)?

Significant statements, indeed!

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July 22: Hilldale Church of Christ, Clarksville, TN

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Hugh Fulford

July 9, 2013

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One Man’s Story…

If you haven’t seen the video below, let me encourage you to take a look.  This video is called “Why I Left the Baptist Church;”  it is a documentary-style production of Thomas Broome’s amazing journey from denominationalism to true, New Testament Christianity.  The video was produced by Daniel Howell, preacher for the Sweetwater Church of Christ in Sweetwater, TN.

"Why I Left the Baptist Church" - Thomas Broome

"Why I Left the Baptist Church" - Thomas Broome

Daniel & I worked together at GBN (Gospel Broadcasting Network, for a time, & this was an idea we had collaborated on for a series, of which this video is the first.  I was part of the idea, but the professional production work & video editing was all Daniel.  It is a top-notch production, not to mention a simple telling of how one man saw the need to leave human creeds behind & follow just the Bible.  The video is 40 minutes total, but I guarantee it will not seem that long, not to mention it will be one of the best ways to spend 40 minutes of your time.  I still remember watching it the first time & being absolutely captivated by this fascinating story.  Please, everyone, spread it far & near, & use it to God’s glory.

Here is the link:

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Striking conversion story

For me, the most striking story of conversion is that of Saul/Paul. As soon as he realized what he had done, he asked, “Lord, what wilt thou have me do?” He was required to give everything up for Christ: friends, political/religious standing, safety. Everything. And he did not hesitate. He did not look back. He only looked forward, keeping his eyes on the mark. And his example of repentance is unparalleled: he devoted his life from that point forward to converting people to Christ, rather than killing His followers. If only we could be like Paul!

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Daily Nudge: Acts conversion story — and news

Choose one — just one — story of conversion in Acts that strikes you, most warms your heart, expresses best the process of following Christ. Why this one?

You’ll notice my experimental posts last night to TFR. Always learning more.

I had news the last two days of churches and mission and people. What’s yours?

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