The Most Colorful Historical Figure

In my view, the most “colorful” (key word) historical figure of all time would have to be Will Rogers, the Oklahoma cowboy whose creed was, “I never met a man I didn’t like”:

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Will Rogers catches my attention because of his “down-to-earth” common sense philosophies and his love of the common man, a characteristic which our present-day politicians need to emulate.

Here’s some of the wisdom of Will Rogers:

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Some from Philippians I have made a “cr…

Some from Philippians I have made a “creed” of my life is found in 3:12-13. I have bad days, and sometimes those days are hard. Nevertheless, I refuse to have those days defeat me (cf. Hebrews 12:1-2). My bad day does not need to affect you adversely. It is tough enough when I experience it, why should I make you experience it?

What happened yesterday is history and the liklihood of me remembering it is not very good. Of course, there is a down side to this; as I have trained myself to leave the past in the past, especially the bad, sometimes the good stays there as well. When I need (or want) to recall, it fails me.

Just the same, a creed of my life is in 3:12-13

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