Who is the extreme one?

Believe homosexuality (trans-gender behavior) is wrong and a perversion of the family and you’re labeled an extremist.

Believe it is wrong to have a father and daughter dance because those “gender definitions” are too narrow-minded but somehow you’re not an extremist?

I guess it’s hard to be an extremist if your rationality includes morality without boundaries.

But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.” (2 Timothy 3:13 NKJV)

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Ahab the king of culture change

Ahab was the king of culture change. His 22 years of reign greatly contributed to the multiplied years of misery the northern tribes of Israel would experience.

He married a woman with a name directly related to pagan god, and he had a father-in-law with a name of Ethbaal! (1 Kings 16:31)

He setup an altar for sacrifice to Baal, within an actual temple to house it, in the capital city of Israel. Furthermore, he created an additional place specifically for the worship of other idols. (1 Kings 16:32-33)

Ahab wasn’t content in allowing other Israelites to worship Baal. He served and worshiped Baal on a personal level. (1 Kings 16:31)

And, for the “cherry on top”, he intentionally disregarded Joshua’s plainly spoken warning by allowing the city of Jericho to be rebuilt under his reign. (1 Kings 16:34)

Indeed, Ahab was the king of culture change, and he continues to set the mold for all the politicians of the western culture who are hell-bent on creating a new morality, standard and way of life for any nation built upon biblical principles.

For look! The wicked bend their bow, they make ready their arrow on the string, that they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? The Lord is in his holy temple, the Lord’s throne is in heaven; his eyes behold, his eyelids test the sons of men.” (Psalm 11:2-4 NKJV)

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Beauty and the … Earth Beast

Don’t fail as Christian parents by bringing your children to see Disney’s latest remake of “Beauty and the Beast.” Continue reading

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Opened – Squinted – Shut

And when they say to you, “Seek those who are mediums and wizards, who whisper and mutter,” should not a people seek their God? Should they seek the dead on behalf of the living? To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” (Isaiah 8:19-20)

God bless America? From the mouth of politicians that encourage sexual confusion within the hearts and minds of children? What God would be satisfied in blessing a nation that’s too confused to know where its children should go to the bathroom?

America has opened, squinted and tightly shut our eyes to what the light of God’s grace plainly reveals. Even the ostriches are laughing at the eagle with its head in the ground right above the leaking septic tank!

When godless politicians speak of God blessing America today, they do so in the same vein that Israel’s leaders of old did when they spoke of the temple being in their presence…never mind the need for repentance and righteousness, God bless America is the American motto and a motto is all the light that we need!

The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord, saying, “Stand in the gate of the Lord’s house, and proclaim there this word, and say, ‘Hear the word of the Lord, all you of Judah who enter in at these gates to worship the Lord!’” Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: “Amend your ways and your doings, and I will cause you to dwell in this place. Do not trust in these lying words, saying, ‘The temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord, the temple of the Lord are these.’” (Jeremiah 7:1-4)

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Out of the mouth of babes

By American standards, I live in a very modest home: About 1,200 square feet; vinyl siding; metal roof; nothing too terribly fancy on the inside; but I am fortunate enough to have two bathrooms. Bathroom number one is off the “master” bedroom while bathroom number two is on the other side of the house. This layout has basically determined that one bathroom “belongs” to my wife, leaving the other bathroom for myself.

“What does my floor plan have to do with wisdom?” you may be wondering as you consider the title of this post. I can easily explain.

My daughter was only two-years-old at the time when she shared this bit of wisdom that I’m about to share with you…a bit of wisdom that seems to be quickly disappearing from the American culture today.

One morning I walked into the bathroom (the one off the bedroom) while my wife and daughter were in there only to be greeted with, “You’re in the girl’s bathroom, daddy. You’re supposed to use the boy’s bathroom.”

It’s amazing to me how a two-year-old girl was able to show more wisdom and common sense than a two-hundred-year-old nation!

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

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One of these things is not like the others

  • Single Dads with daughters
  • Single Moms with sons
  • Parents with disabled children
  • Those in the LGBTQ community
  • Adults with aging parents who may be mentally/physically disabled

Might I sing that one of these things is not like the others? Should I really have to sing it? In today’s culture I guess I do.

Single dads needing to help their young daughters use the bathroom…normal. Single moms needing to help their young sons use the bathroom…normal. Parents needing to help their disabled children use the bathroom…normal. Those in the LGBTQ community (when did the extra letter come in there?) who’s only physical handicap is not being able to use a normal bathroom because of their abnormal sexual identity…not normal. Adults with aging parents who may be mentally/physically disabled that need help using the bathroom…normal.

Placing an abnormal behavior in the middle of situations that are normal makes the abnormal situation no more normal than an individual standing in a garage makes them a car.

But what in the world does going to the bathroom have to do with the original list? Everything according to one pizza restaurant in North Carolina when it comes to the use of uni-sex bathrooms at their business. It’s their list after all.

And, according to the last paragraph of the story, it seems as if the whole city of Charlotte, North Carolina may be forced clothe and shroud abnormality in the middle of normal activities if a proposed city council ordinance is passed.

Who knew what wisdom a 20th century children’s TV show offered by teaching kid’s to identify things that don’t belong in a lineup…I wouldn’t be surprised if the 21st century version has chucked the song by the wayside (too much common sense I would suppose). Either way, I know the song has stuck with me. Perhaps the Charlotte City Council should check it out; it might help them make their decision.

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

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August 2014 Issue of Christian Worker

Here’s a link to the latest PDF issue of the Christian Worker.

Here are the topics that you will find:

  • What Is Marriage? What Constitutes Marriage? (Robert R. Taylor, Jr)
  • Has the Kingdom Come? (Sam Willcut)
  • “Buy the Truth and Sell It Not” (Royce Williamson)
  • Watching the Pendulum (Glenn Colley)
  • “Living Oracles” (Mel Futrell)
  • Some Things Must Never Change (Jeff Jenkins)
  • Is It Nothing to You? (Alan Highers)
  • Behind Closed Doors (Steve Higginbotham)

Christian Worker is an edification effort of the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, Texas.

You can subscribe to the email version of the Christian Worker paper by clicking on the publications link on their website and then following the given instructions…or by clicking on the link provided here in The Fellowship Room under the “Friends” category to your right.

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“God’s Not Dead”: A Movie Review from A.P.

On March 21, 2014, the movie God’s Not Dead was released in 780 theaters across the country. Since then, more than 1,000 other theaters began showing the film, which grossed over $41 million in less than one month-pretty good for a movie with a budget of only $2 million (God’s Not Dead, 2014a).

Read >>


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Against the ropes

Are Christians really biased, afraid and intolerant, as is often suggested?

These words, like “biased” and “intolerant,” are nothing but a boxing match of words, designed to do two things: (1) keep the Christian silent, and (2) keep the world angry at them.

In this boxing match, the Christian is cornered by his worldly opponent. So the Christian, knowing that he should defend his faith, steps forward and lands a blow; and his opponent, who has been swinging freely at him, steps back and cries “foul!” The referee (who is actually an insider for the opponent), comes in and warns the Christian that he’d better not do that again, or he’ll be penalized.

The Christian is against the ropes in a war of words. His opponent can swing all day and land cheap shots, but when he attempts to rationally contend for his faith, he is disqualified as a narrow-minded, intolerant hatemonger. If he seeks to disprove a false religion, he is a xenophobe, and so on. Some Christians get trapped in the corner by the fear of being labeled.

The truth is, Christians are fair, well-informed and tolerant — usually much more so than their worldly counterparts. The truth is, disagreement is not equivalent to bias, fear or intolerance. Someone is not narrow-minded because they disagree. A person is not biased when they reach a conclusion that includes Bible study. Debate is not intolerance. Exposing sin is not hate speech. Christian, “contend earnestly for the faith” (cf. Jude 3).

—Rick Kelley, Prestonsburg KY church bulletin

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Letter to a homosexual activist

Note: This was received by email earlier today. The author prefers not to be named.

August 3, 2012

Dear Homosexual Activist,

I am a Christian, and with Christians throughout history, I am convinced the Bible is the word of God. As a student of that word, I know that both the Old and New Testaments expressly and repeatedly condemn homosexual conduct as sinful. Attempts to deny that fact are transparent exercises in Scripture twisting.

You claim to be convinced that homosexual conduct is not wrong, so we are on opposite sides of a moral question. Your assertion that those who disagree with you are hate-filled bigots assumes the matter in dispute, that is, it assumes that homosexual conduct is moral. If it is indeed immoral, as believed not only by Judeo-Christian and Islamic societies but by countless societies having no regard for Scripture, then it is not wrong to think and say it is immoral. That is simply telling the truth. It is doing the very thing you do when you agree that consensual sex between a mother and her son or between an adult and a twelve-year-old is immoral. Continue reading

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