Former TFR Fellow Roy Coffman passes

My wife said she saw on FB that Roy Coffman passed away Tues. She passed on to me this post by sister Victoria Yawn:

As many have already heard, Roy Coffman suffered a fatal heart attack the morning of Tuesday, May 9, and has passed away at the age of 69. The family appreciates your expressions of sympathy and your prayers. There will be a private family memorial in Omaha, Nebraska, later in the year. To those who have been a blessing to Roy in recent years, we offer our sincere gratitude. His coffee pot has now been unplugged. May the Lord bless each of you.

Roy’s TFR posts can be read here.

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Sympathy to Michael Summers for the loss of his son

I just learned that our brother Michael Summers’s son Caleb died suddenly and unexpectedly from a ruptured aortic aneurysm on Wednesday morning.

Our prayers go out to Michael and all the family.


Lectureships, deaths, friends, workers, weather etc.

The Missus and I enjoyed a day at the Tenn. Bible College Spiritual Renewal Lectures last Saturday. We enjoyed meeting many brothers and sisters there and seeing friends like Weylan Deaver and son Orrin. Weylan had a great lesson, and it’s now online. I recommend it.

• Then Sunday night The Maiden and I traveled two and a half hours to Knoxville for the lectureship at the Southeast Institute of Biblical Studies. She wanted to get there early enough the next morning to hear David Shannon, whom she hears every Sunday at the Mt. Juliet TN congregation. We enjoyed the lectures and meeting new friends, among them a number of folk we know through the Internet.

• Jody and Evelyn Apple were our gracious hosts at Karns. Jody works with SEIBS. A bit of news was shared Monday night about Jody’s future work with the International Gospel Hour.

• We were also privileged to meet George and Joy Jensen in person. We followed their work in Tanzania. They’re now in Kentucky.

• A first in the history of BNc: four obituaries in a single day. They didn’t all pass away yesterday, but the stories all came together from God’s servants who have died recently: Jane McWhorter, Perry Cotham, Basil Overton, and Kyle Allen. Foy Forehand is preparing yet another obituary, of Wilson Wallace, son of Foy Wallace.

• Though our elderly saints pass on to their reward most every day, the deaths of these beloved saints within a short period highlight that the torch does pass from one generation to the next. I saw godly brothers and sisters at the recent lectureships, and I know a host more of them, who will faithfully carry on the work of the kingdom. Of course, there is always a shortage of workers in the Lord’s vineyard, and we ought to pray that he send us more.

• The older I get, the more difficult it becomes to stay away from home for extended periods of time. As much as we love our children and coddle the grandchildren, we still feel the rigors of change in weather, food, time zones, schedule, and other differences that leave a body groggy. Comes with the territory, so they say. But we have to make an effort not to get grouchy, do we not?

• Thoughts during a study of Paul’s letter to the Galatians, by way of application. In this letter Paul defends his apostleship, because his enemies attempt to undercut his message by attacking him. So it is today. To sweep away the truth in order to introduce error, people attack the messenger.

• A ladies’ Bible study class is considering options for their next subject, using study books as the basis for their discussions. The Missus heard about it and suggested they look at my book, Choose!. She’s my best advocate! Continue reading

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A blessed weekend, etc.

‘Twas a busy weekend here, and it wasn’t even a holiday in Brazil. The Maiden started her driving course, the area churches had an all-day fellowship and cookout on Saturday, we had guests for the weekend, and I’ve forgotten other busy details. In all, a blessing.

• Over on the GoSpeak mission ministry site, I shared an annual date dear to our family. I spent most of my day setting up the new website for our Brazilian magazine, which we’ve published, off and on, since the 80s.

• Yesterday’s New Testament reading was Revelation 6, the opening of the first six seals of the scroll. No science fiction film can match the dramatic effect and the suspense of the four horses and their riders, or the souls of the righteous under the altar, or the unrighteous hiding in caves and among the rocks as the universe collapses in upon itself. When God judges, there’s nowhere to run.

• Check out the new entries on, with a new poet in the group.

• Evil worms its way in quietly and grows in strength silently, until it has the power to manifest itself and take control. This influence, one among many strategies of the Father of Lies, applies to individual lives and congregation.

• We extend our sympathy to Betty Choate, whose mother passed away last week. She was 90 years old, active to the end.

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The saddest Sabbath of all

EasterLater, Peter gets restless and goes fishing, back to his old job, John 21:3. But now, between the crucifixion and resurrection, they rest, Luke 23.56. Their bodies, at least, if not their minds. That Sabbath must have been the saddest of all, between death and life. They must still be stunned, wondering how it ever happened. Just a week ago the country was at fever pitch as the Lord entered Jerusalem, swept in by the people’s fervor at seeing their Messiah approach the holy city. Events were finally moving toward their proper goal. Then this. Surely it was a dream — the betrayal, the judgment, the torture, the shame of the Skull. The shame of running, hiding, abandoning the Master. Where did things derail, how did it all go so wrong? Oh, the short-sightedness of human eyes!

We don’t celebrate Good Friday or Easter, but the prevailing religious climate here has me thinking about our Lord’s death. Anytime is a good time for that, is it not?

I don’t usually mention such things here on TFR, but considering she’s a Prime Mover in all things Forthright/GoSpeak, it’s appropriate to note that Barbara Ann is celebrating a birthday today, as she treks about Costa Rica. Send her your greetings.

Three Christian ladies passed away this week: Richard H.’s mom, George Bailey’s wife, Ancil Jenkins wife. Sister Elaine Jenkin’s obituary is on BNc, thanks to Dale Jenkins, the others noted on BNc’s Twitter for now. I didn’t know any of them, unfortunately, but I know family members. And knowing those they touched, what wonderful servants of God they must have been.

On Resurrection morning, it is the women who are up and doing. To them our Lord first appears. They are the first bringers of the News.

The pigeons are cooing, the sun rising, a few people stirring already. Most will miss the quiet, more pensive hours of the morning. They’ll slide out of bed after the day is already hot and moving. It’s a holiday weekend, after all.

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Richard Hill’s mother has died

Richard shared on Facebook that his mother passed away last night. She had not been well for some time. We send our sympathies to the family and commend them to the comfort of her faith and ours.

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Mike Riley's father has died

Mike tells me that his father passed from this life in the early morning hours today (he was 89 years of age), so he won’t be online for about a week. He’s off to Childress, Tex., tomorrow morning (Tuesday) to be his with  other two brothers and assist them in the graveside service.

He wrote, “My brother has requested me to do the eulogy, so I will prepare for that as well. I will appreciate any prayers that might be offered for my safe passage to and from Childress, Texas and for my two brothers.”

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Saturday catch-up: sad news

Very sad news over on BNc: a preacher and his wife were murdered in their Fulton Miss., home by a neighbor on Thursday, their son, also a preacher, found them yesterday. Our hearts go out to the family and our prayers will accompany them.

Writing up such stories are difficult. It does allow others to know and pray and, for those who can, offer some assistance. In that there is good.

I was in Fulton not so long ago, visiting the folk at 21st Century Global Missions. It’s not far from my wife’s hometown.

• On my blog a nifty chiastic structure for Acts 2:41-47. Now help me figure out what it means. Also, I finally chime in on Harding University’s recent hubbub, and the grad school’s name change.

• The February issue of Gospel Advocate arrived a day or so ago. Snail mail is snailish as ever, if not worse. I’ve put a few quotes from that issue out on the FPress twitter, then retweeted on my personal twitter.

• Thanks to those who have sent me suggestions and ideas for my fill-in sermon tomorrow on Acts 2:42, either by email or Facebook. If I can finagle the time, I’ll translate it and share it with you. My outlines tend to be skimpy as a rule, though, so be warned it’ll not be much special.

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Update on Mikey Dawidow

A friend shared Molly Dawidow’s post, evidently from Saturday:

“For those of you who do not know, our son Mikey died of a massive heart attack in Poland this morning. Mike called us with the horrible news at 5:30 this morning. Annabelle and I are scheduled to fly out tomorrow, Sunday at 2 p.m. via Chicago and Munich. My brother Larry is going with us. Please pray for our travels and for Mike as he is alone.”

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Reported: Mikey Dawidow suffers fatal heart attack

A sister in Christ posted this notice on Facebook. I have no confirmation, but it would appear to be legitimate. I don’t know this family, but have heard the name.

Please pray for Michael, Molly and Anabelle Dawidow, missionaries in Poland. Their son, Mikey, was found dead by his father after he had suffered a massive heart attack. Molly and Anabelle were in Mississippi when this happend and should be back home by now. God please give them strength and comfort to help them in their grief and loss.

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Carolyn Mansel, Richard’s mother, died …

Carolyn Mansel, Richard’s mother, died today. He announced a few minutes ago on Facebook. Let’s pray for him and all his family.

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Daily Nudge: Unique church buildings — and news

Tell about any unique church buildings you’ve seen, been in, helped build, etc. What reminds me of this is the news today that the Crystal Cathedral filed for bankruptcy. No necessary connection, just that the “cathedral” is made all from glass. Remember Robert Schuller? His daughter is now senior pastor there now. Anyway, that made me wonder if there were any, shall we say, different types of buildings among us. Go for it.

Evelyn Hobbs’s father Milton died last night, elder of the Media PA church. This after another Milton, father of Allen Webster, died Sunday, I think it was in Jacksonville AL. We pray the families find comfort in the faith of their fathers.

What news have you?

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Daily Nudge: God is good — and news

Finish this sentence: I know the Lord is good, because …

Be personal, be biblical, and let us give thanks for his goodness.

For news, on BNc, a note about Margie Overton’s passing. Richard M. also has more on his blog.

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Richard’s grandmother passes

We were saddened to hear of the death of Richard Mansel’s grandmother, who passed away today. Geneva Lewis was a strong Christian and a great influence in Richard becoming a preacher, he wrote on Facebook. Visitation will be at Greenview in Florence AL Friday night from 6-8 p.m.


Martin family accident

I’ve gotten pieces of this here and there, but this email from Greg Howell, elder at the Cordova church in Memphis TN, passed on to me by friend Paul Goddard, elder at the Park Ave. church in Memphis, helps put the pieces together:

Vanessa Martin and her children, Stone and Alana,were involved in very serious car accident Tuesday morning, January 19, in Meeker, Colorado. Vanessa is the daughter-in-law of Cordova church of Christ minister Jerry Martin. Paul and Vanessa Martin work with the Meeker church of Christ, a small mission congregation in central Colorado. Stone was airlifted to Grand Junction with his father Paul by his side. Ten year old Stone passed away Wednesday morning January 21. Alana and Vanessa were airlifted to Denver where thirteen year old Alana has been in a medically induced coma with a collapsed lung and a broken leg. Vanessa suffered minor injuries. Jerry and his wife Denise are in Colorado. The driver of the car that hit them had minor injuries. It appears that the car slid on the ice and hit the passenger side of the Martin’s car. Please add these families to your prayers.

Prayers are being offering for this family, please add yours.

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