Will any dogs make it to Heaven? A lesson on context!

Some say all dogs go to Heaven. Some say none. More than likely you’re one of the two.

It’s easy to understand why people ask the question, “Do dogs go to Heaven?” A lot of people love their dogs! But then again there is such a thing as cynophobia. And furthermore, there are some individuals who despise any purebred or combination of K9’s that you can imagine.

I suppose people tend to ask the question under consideration because they project human characteristics onto their dog. This is easy to understand since some dogs are sweet and compassionate to their owners – I mean, they wouldn’t even hurt a flea … but some dogs are vicious to the core, capable of taking the life of a human-being or another animal without any sign of remorse.

With all that being said, let’s come to a conclusion on this question of dogs and Heaven by looking at what the Bible says about the matter.

Considering the fact that the word “dog” gets used at least nine times in the New Testament, and every time the word is used it’s in a negative way (with the exception of a possible allusion to puppies being able to make it into God’s good graces (Matthew 15:22-28)), I believe Revelation 22:14-15 plainly settles the issue: Continue reading

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I love to have cats around, but don’t r…

I love to have cats around, but don’t really like them. I don’t have any dogs, but definitely prefer them.

Now that you’re thoroughly confused. . . When you have stored grain, mice can overrun the place without cats. We try to keep some farm cats around to help clean up the mice.

I do like dogs, but they’re inconvenient when it comes to travel. We had a female chow named Copper for a long time, but decided not to replace her when she died about 2 years ago. She acknowledged me as the alpha male, but just barely. She was real sweet-natured, very intelligent and minimally obedient.

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I Love Dogs

We have a menagerie at home. Cats, kittens, dogs, a rabbit, fish, water frogs and guinea pigs. Yet, my favorite will always be dogs. They are so loving, caring and attentive. The companionship you get from a dog is priceless. Someday, however, I also want a Tomato Frog. They are very cool. 🙂

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