More than a kind word is needed

At the bottom of the side column has been added a donation link. We did that last year over on Forthright Magazine, and now we’ve added one here.

For several reasons, a bad economy one of the principal among them, support continues to fall. So it becomes necessary to appeal to our good readers.

The link takes you to a GoSpeak page where a PayPal option is also available.

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Time to renew hosting and domain name of…

Time to renew hosting and domain name of TFR, along with a number of other domains and Internet charges that belong to the Forthright / GoSpeak ministry. No single fee is large, but over the year they add up. Seems many, if not most, of our renewals come in January.

If you, as a child of God, have been blessed by TFR, Forthright Magazine,, Christian Hub, Believing Prayer, or any of our other sites, please consider a donation to help keep them going. You can use PayPal or send a check through the mail to our overseeing congregation in N. Little Rock.

Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference.

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Preacher needs kidney, prayers, donations

Anwar Carter shared this on Facebook:

My friend and brother in Christ, John Parker is a preacher of the Word and Marine Corps veteran. John is currently on the donor list awaiting a kidney. In the meanwhile he has been hospitalized for quite some time due to other health complications. He and his family of a wife and two children are in need of prayers and financial assistance. Please consider making a contribution to help this family. You can mail a check or money order made out to John or Sametta Parker to Highland Heights Church of Christ, 3587 Macon Road, Memphis, TN 38122. No amount is too small. We appreciate your prayerful support.

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Fund in memory of Helen Gray

I’m pasting the information here from the Facebook page, so it can be accessed by everyone.

The Brothers of Zeta Eta Theta (ZHO) have set up a fund in memory of Helen Gray the daughter of Brian and Kristy Gray.

This is open to ANY and ALL brothers and sisters that would like to give to this lovely family…not just Brian’s ZHO Brothers. Continue reading


Remember the needs

The list will grow, but our Fellows have begun suggesting a Good Work apiece to recommend to you. The list is in the lower right column as Good Works. Why not choose one of these and send a donation to a good effort in Christ?

As we give thanks for our blessings, we wanted to put before you an opportunity to share with others.

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