Big Dreams

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

Now to him who by the power that is working within us is able to do far beyond all that we ask or think, to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen. Ephesians 3.20-21

Have you ever seen a dream board? Many companies encourage their salespeople to make these and hang on their bulletin board at work or their refrigerator door at home so they will be seen often. The idea is to motivate the person to get out there and do the job.

Most of us can dream really big dreams. That new car, new home, new baby for many of us are a fulfillment of our dreams.

Have you ever thought about spiritual dreams? Do you have things that you would like to see happen in the church? Numerical growth, spiritual growth, more Bible studies, planting a new congregation, or whatever it might be.

When we think of those dreams, we can become discouraged because we do not always see those things coming to fruition. We cannot do it on our own and we are right. We cannot. But, God has the power to do far more than our little dreams. His power is the same power that is working within us. That is an awesome thought!

The glory should not come our way for the things that we do accomplish in our lives. If we are in the church, then we are in Christ. The glory in the church and in Christ belongs to God! May we give it all to Him!

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My Dreams Have Shrunk

When I was younger, I had awesome dreams. In my “awakening” (a deeper sense of awareness I came to some years after I became a Christian), when I faced my first opportunities as a fledgling preacher, it seemed I had the world at my feet – no, not due to any sense of accomplishment or ability on my part, but because I believed the message I was bringing was “The” power – the walls of evil would crumble before it if I just stayed out-of-the-way and gave folks the unvarnished truth. I was literally amazed that anyone who heard it was able to resist it – or, even worse, would reject it and act contrary to it. As time (and my own experience) went on, I came to see that it was not only possible, it was likely! It took me some years, but I finally came down to earth. Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

I watched the final episode of The History’s Channels “The Bible” last night. In my humble opinion, which is based upon what a person would actually read in the Bible, the further into the Bible the show got, the worse it got! There were a couple of moments that were done really well last night, but for the most part it seemed as if the directors, producers, actors or whomever, had decided that there wasn’t much point in following what the Bible actually says and instead decided to follow what they think the Bible says or what they think it should say. This is so very unfortunate because the TV show that was supposedly meant to educate people has only added to the growing sources of biblical ignorance that are so readily available…goes to show you that there’s more than more way to waste millions of dollars on error.

I got an email this weekend about a product called the TV Guardian. Does anyone know much or anything about this product? The makers/sellers claim that it has the ability to filter out foul language from TV shows and movies. I talked to one brother who’s in the satellite business and he said that he had seen them before but he wasn’t really able to give me a thumb’s up or down. If you know anything about the product, speak up because if it does 90% of what it claims I think it would be worth the money.

Have you ever thought about how God not only sees what we do during the day, but that He also sees what we dream at night?

I saw a member of the catholic “hierarchy” get interviewed on CBS’ Sunday Morning yesterday. I hope they realize there’s a difference in “hierarchy” and “heirarchy.” They have one, but they don’t have the other! I also heard the man push the false catholic notion that the church “moved” from Jerusalem to Rome. Of course the church moved to Rome, just like it moved to Ephesus, Corinth, Berea, etc. Now what the man meant is that the “mother” church moved from Jerusalem to Sinai…I mean Rome. The Christians in Galatia were reminded about the origins of the church, an origin that the catholic church can’t lay claim to (Galatians 4:21-26). And by the way, may we never forget that the church has only one Head, and the Head of the church sits upon His throne in Heaven because He carried a wooden cross to victory – not a gold one (Colossians 1:18, Acts 2:29-36).

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The end of a dream

My dream has always been to work in Brazil in such a way that Brazilians may pick up from our efforts at any moment and carry it forward, doing an even better job that we’ve done.

Some years ago I reached a point in a collective effort where I saw that that dream had been squeezed out by an approach that I had tacitly agreed to, though philosophically differed with. I felt depressed about it for a long time. Then I set my sights on a different tack, and haven’t looked back since.

I can’t say that I’m 100% successful in living out that dream, but I’m closer to it now, I think, than ever. One that only time will reveal the outcome. But I’m good with that, for God is the judge of all efforts, in the final day. (I started to say, “in the last analysis;” that fits, too.)

If this post is a bit vague on details, you can probably figure out why.

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Daily Nudge: Shattered dreams — and news

Larry Crabb wrote the book, Shattered Dreams, which I bought on sale, but can’t seem to get into, after a couple of attempts. Anyway, the Nudge for today is, name a dream of yours that was shattered or destroyed or that you gave up on. Why did you lose it? What happened to that dream?

That reminds me of lady who opened the coffee shop around the corner from my office. It was in the front of her house, a specially built corner of the lot, done up very nicely, with air conditioning and wifi. I enjoyed going there and got to know the lady and her family. One day shortly after I left there, two armed men entered, held the lady and her daughter at gunpoint, threatened to kill them, and robbed them of money, laptop, cellphones and a wedding band. She told me later than the greatest loss wasn’t material, but, in her words, “They destroyed my dream.” I thought that phrase one of the saddest I’d heard.

That’s not my shattered dream, I’ll think of one to share in another post.

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Dreams and Days

Randal asked about our dreams. I have some thoughts on this subject, even if they are not on the correct day.

I began writing short stories in the fourth grade. By the sixth grade, I was being regularly asked to read my stories to my class at school. I often  looked for inspiration for new scary stories to write. I began writing down the bad dreams that I had and it was working. Then, I stopped having bad dreams.My life is funny like that.

I don’t have exciting dreams and almost never have bad dreams. I have had countless numbers of dreams on the same theme: I am in the wrong place and unprepared.

Pray for me. It is one week until I go back to the doctor.

I am very sorry to hear about the coffee shop where Randal frequents.  No society is immune to evil.


Dreams of late

Somebody stole my credit cards. That’s about all I remembered this morning from my dream. I awoke when I discovered the dastardly deed. I’d been sleeping in some sort of camp, so my billfold was available for someone’s greed.

Not dreaming now: We went for years without credit cards and only use them now for emergencies or necessary items while traveling in the US. We’re very much cash-only people. Pay as you go. So you can see how stolen credit cards would cause a disturbance in our family.

It’s very rare for me to dream or remember dreams, whichever it is that occurs, since if I don’t remember I can’t tell you if I dream. Though the specialists say we all dream in our sleep.

Would to God that we all dreamt the dreams of God in our waking moments.

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Daily Nudge: sleeping dreams — and news

What do you dream about at night?

What do you dream about during your sleep? Do you remember your dreams? Do they tend more toward nightmares or happy scenes? Do you find any significance in them?

Dreams seemed to be a topic yesterday. After the morning meeting in SJCampos, a sister in Christ said she dreamed about several of us from church. Told about a neighbor who had a sure-fire interpretation of dreams. Then, coming back from the meeting last night at Taubate, and after a pizza (two, actually, with four combinations) with a young couple from there, my daughter was playing songs by Bread, and there was some lyric about dreams for those who sleep. And, last night I actually had a dream that I remembered (later on that). So today’s Nudge just had to be about dreams, you see?

What news have ye, my friends, of the churches or saints?

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[T]he tragedy of life doesn’t lie in no…

[T]he tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal. The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. It isn’t a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream…It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach for. Not failure, but low aim is sin.

Benjamin Elijah Mays, American educator and president of Morehouse College (1895-1984)

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New Days

Each new day is a possibility and a dream of what can be. Do we make the best of them? I hope you will read my article, Each Day is a Flower. Some articles you are more proud of than others, if you know what I mean.

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My Challenges in 2010

I have dreams for 2010 and meditations on 2009. Join me as I build sandcastles. Share your thoughts on my ruminations. Feedback is always helpful.

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