Why am I not surprised?

One of the Robertson’s is supportive of the movie “Left Behind”. Why am I not surprised?

Just because a conversation includes Jesus it doesn’t mean the conversation is worth supporting.

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“Beardless Robertson brother” compares “Duck Dynasty” to Salvation Army and Vice-Versa

One of the great things about the Salvation Army and the Robertson family is we’re both trying to help people. Our family has been about reaching out and telling people about the good news about Jesus. And in essence, that’s exactly what the Army does,” said Robertson.”

The above is a quote from Alan Robertson, according to an article by Kyle Rothenberg published on April 09, 2014 on Fox News’ website, as he spoke to Fox News concerning his speaking engagement at a fund-raising event in Mississippi for the Salvation Army organization.

What caught my attention in the quote was the word “essence”. It’s interesting how the word “essence” can be used by some to completely slide (if not right out jump) over key doctrinal gaps, assuming that the doctrinal gaps exist between the guest speaker and the leadership of the hosting group. But I guess it would be “wrong” to tell someone you’re trying to raise money for that they’re wrong when it comes to the good news of Jesus and how to receive the benefits thereof.

Now don’t get me wrong in what I am saying; this is not a “bash the Salvation Army” post. I believe the “Salvation Army” does a lot of good. And I also believe that they are doctrinally sound in many areas of their teaching and understanding of the Bible. But, as far as this post is concerned, one area that I do not agree with them on is how a person must respond to the good news of Jesus in order to be saved. Sure, they believe that one is saved by grace through faith – but according to my understanding they do so to the extent that their version of salvation “by grace through faith” excludes the necessity of baptism when it comes to its role in the regeneration of the Holy Spirit (Titus 3:5, Acts 2:38). If I’m wrong concerning the Salvation Army’s stance, feel free to correct me. But if I’m correct in my understanding then it is the Salvation Army who stands in need of correction.

Furthermore, this is not a “bash the Robertson’s” post. I praise the Robertson’s clear and resilient stance against the homosexual agenda and their movement of intolerance, and for their stance on other moral issues and the importance of family in spite of their popularity. They have been given a national platform that few are willing to stand on when it comes to politically incorrect topics. But, as far as this post is concerned, going beyond the forces that seek their caving in to “political correctness”, my concern is that their popularity in the spiritual world will only lead to more and more caving in to a version of “spiritual correctness” that winks at what should not be ignored. Namely, what Jesus himself said when it comes to enjoying the benefits of his good news (Mark 16:15-16).

The spirit of unity and the unity of the Spirit should not be confused with one another. They are two different things (Ephesians 4:3-6), and they should be recognized as such.

Now, I believe building bridges is one thing, but helping to support bridges that blatantly teach false doctrines concerning the gospel of Christ and one’s salvation is a road that I wish the Robertson’s, at least to which family members it may apply, would not travel down, for good deeds do not necessarily lead to good results (Matthew 7:21-23), nor does the endorsement of another’s “essence” that resides in error (Romans 16:17). And this is something that I hope they would recognize when a comparison is made.

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Duck Dynasty and Me

I am forced to admit that some things get me “riled up.” So, I hope someone can set me straight. One of our brethren, the patriarch of “Duck Dynasty,” has been fired from the show. Why? Because, when asked on a TV talk show about homosexuality, he quoted Scripture to show that God did not approve of the practice.
Now, my question is this: Why is it so wrong and politically incorrect to publically defend your faith and the Bible if you are a Christian? On the converse, it is not politically incorrect to make fun of Christians and their beliefs. It is not politically incorrect to make fun of the Bible and regard it as full of myths. The TV show currently showing about “The Truth about the Bible” makes numerous Scriptural and doctrinal errors, but that is not politically incorrect. Yet, one negative word about the Koran or about sin, and we are tarred as “ignorant hate-mongers.”
I guess my stance is this: If Duck Dynasty can risk national prestige and a very lucrative job to stand for Jesus in a public forum, how dare I not take a similar stand in my own small world?

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The following is a copy of the email…

The following is a copy of the email I sent to A+E network regarding their decision to ban Phil Robertson from the Duck Dynasty TV series:
“Are we now a society that punishes people for expressing their moral belief? I think you are way off base punishing Phil for expressing his religious/moral values simply because it differs from yours. This sounds like what we would expect from Putin in Russia or Assad in Syria or another Islamic country. The homosexual question is not as settled as your actions presume. There is still a large percentage of American citizens that hold to the Judaic-Christian values as revealed in scripture and not as advocated by those who have ignored what the Bible teaches. Phil is a Bible-believer. It guides his morality. I respect that. Obviously you do not. Your decision alienates a large segment of society! I hope you will reconsider and rescind your decision.”
I encourage all to flood their feedback with protest emails expressing your views. The email is aefeedback@aenetworks.com

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Call me a redneck if you like but…

Call me a redneck, if you like, but I like Duck Dynasty. I was slow to become a regular but after watching several episodes, you can add me to their fan club. I think Si is hilarious and enjoy the way Willie and his brothers go about solving their problems. But most of all I like the sense of decency they encourage and the conclusion of each show with the entire family gathered around a dinner to pray and offer thanks to God. There is not much on TV worth watching. So much is filled with profanity and filthy innuendos if not outright immorality. So it is refreshing to see a clean sit-com with a Christian perspective. This is Just-A-Minute

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An op-ed from a non-editor

Recently the ole’ Duck Dynasty group has been making the headlines in places such as Fox News, New York Daily News, MSN, Huffington Post and no doubt a whole lot of Face Book posts (just Google it if you’ve been out of the loop). And what’s the reason for such attention? It’s only their latest merchandise endeavor – good, old-fashioned alcoholic wine.

I hope you pick up on the sarcasm there when I use the word good.

But sure enough, the winery world is a buzz over the latest label being placed on the shelves because they’ll soon be buzzing off of the “reality” TV family’s alcoholic drink of choice. You know, the TV show that’s proud to bring faith into the living rooms of TV land.

Now let me be completely up front – I don’t care for the show. The show had been around for quite a while before I actually watched a couple of episodes; neither of which impressed me. In both episodes there were a few comments that really made me scratch my head due to the fact that the show had been labeled as wholesome. So I must admit that I’ve never really understood the attraction before or after I saw them in action. But with their latest move I can understand why they may be so popular with the world…after all, saying grace while tossing a few back is something that a lot people find appealing.

I’m saying what I’m saying because no matter what flavor the wine comes in the move is in poor spiritual taste. I mean what’s next – a beard on a Clydesdale?

Regardless of how I feel about the show, the show has a huge sphere of influence – but encouraging people to live under the influence of alcohol in any way isn’t a sphere that I’d be interested in if I were them. The Bible uses strong words of warning when it comes to the use of wine and strong drink (Proverbs 23:29-35). And the people of God are encouraged to get their buzz off of doing God’s will and we’re to encourage others to do so as well (Ephesians 5:17-20). So why would a person go after the wine of the vine and promote it if what they’re trying to promote is the Vine of John 15?

Please don’t take what I’m about to say as sour grapes, but it sure seems as if the “dynasty” has traded the ducks for the bucks…and I’m not talking about the kind that has antlers.

But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and harmful lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” (1 Timothy 6:9-10)

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Because of travel in the US, I missed my Forthright editorial this past Monday. When I had a small window open late in the day to write something—if I’d had a head for it—I decided instead to shoot hoops with my sons, whom I’ve not seen in months. Sometimes, work has to take a back seat.

• Carl Sims has produced a new personal evangelistic study, “Sowing the Seed.” Might be something you’d be interested in, with three lessons in a true-false format, and a “Supplemental Studies” sheet. If you don’t have resources to do an evangelistic study with someone, this would be a good option to have. Carl also teaches seminars that would be a good thing to check out. UPDATE: The site appears not to be active yet. Write to Carl at carlssims@gmail.com.

• I appreciate that Hugh Fulford doesn’t shy away today in his News and Views from the truth of relationship with Christ. Even though the truth is often abused, he brings it to the fore in proper perspective.

• From Saturday to Monday, The Missus and I made our first of many trips in these not-so-United States, down to Madison AL to talk with the missions committee and touch base with the brethren there. This follows on the heels of Bennie P. and Siegfried B.’s trip down to visit us in Brazil, from the same congregation, just the week before we came up. We appreciate their good efforts.

• I’ve lost count of the different airlines we’ve flown over the years, both American and foreign. (Won’t even attempt an estimate of the number of flights we’ve made.) But last week I think we flew a new one with U.S. Airways, coming through Charlotte NC. Their promotional price was the big attraction. Was another uneventful flight.

• Riddle me this: A psalmist, speaking of Zion (Jerusalem), said with apparent approval of the Holy Spirit, “your servants take delight in her stones” Psa 102.14 NET. So why did Jesus upbraid his disciples for pointing out the temple construction and tell them no stone would be left on top of another, Mt 24.1-2?

• God is he “who satisfies your life with good things” Psa 103.5. I underline phrases like this in my Bible. Maybe you don’t need such reminders, but I do. Zophar wasn’t much of a friend to suffering Job, but he got it right about the wicked when he said, “For he knows no satisfaction in his appetite; he does not let anything he desires escape”, Job 20.20. Dissatisfaction is a wicked attitude, be it Israel eating manna in the desert or saints murmuring about supposed lack of this or that in the most wealthy age ever. Do we fight against the sins of our age? Or just reflect them more subtly?

• Speaking of my Forthright editorials, week-before-last I wrote about a Brazilian evangelist who began a new work in a state capital untouched by the gospel, but lost 80% of his support. Guess who emails and sends money? Missionaries on two different continents. Can a heart be broken and touched at the same time?

• People have asked me what I think about “Duck Dynasty.” As if my opinion mattered.  But here is my reply in three words: Remember Pat Boone.

• Read Matthew 6 and then watch some TV. What is the programming about? Clothes. Food. Houses. Cars. Money. What shall we wear? What shall we eat? Where shall we live? How shall we get there? How shall we guarantee our security? Television is the epitome of paganism. “That’s what those people who don’t know God are always thinking about” Mt 6.32 ERV.

• Man and unconverted religious people live and judge by appearances. Even Jesus was judged by appearances, Jn 7.23-24. Those groups or churches which live by appearances have dress codes. Jesus and Peter condemned overdressing. When was the last time you heard a sermon about overdressing? The opposite of modesty is extravagance. This is not an argument for slovenliness, but simplicity.

But living by appearances goes beyond clothing. It has not only dress codes, but behavior codes that have little or nothing to do with Scripture. Such codes encompass use of time, manner of speech, types of sin to condemn or not, religious (in contrast to biblical) patterns to be upheld, human traditions, respect of persons. Conversions in such systems make children of hell, Mt 23.15, rather than children of heaven.

Father, may our faith be genuine, our practice be biblical, our motives be pure, our commitment be true. May we be satisfied with your presence, and you with our service.

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