Now available: S.H. Hall’s Scripture Studies Vol. 4

S.H. Hall’s “Scripture Studies” volume four (1960) is now online. In this book, Hall gives three written replies to the myriad of arguments used to justify instrumental music in worship. One of them is a synopsis of his debate with H.K. Pendleton (who claimed IM was inherent in the word psallo), another is a written debate with R.C. Harrell (who argued it is merely an expedient), and the last is a reply to a tract which claimed instrumental music is scriptural. (they are alphabetized by author).

-Brad Cobb

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Cold Harbor Road Lectures E-book

Here I was sitting and snacking on Doritos with The Missus’s homemade almondaise, with a cup of Twining’s green tea with mint, and I noticed the cup I was drinking from was my memento from the Cold Harbor Rd. Lectureship in Mechanicsvlle, Va., in 2005. I spoke there then. (Wow, so long ago!).

The date for the lectureship back then was Nov. 3-6. Today is the 15th. I figured they must have finished up with this year’s event by now. So I scooted over to their website and, indeed, it was held the same dates this year.

With a difference: You can now download the text of the lectures in PDF format, from their lectureship page. Highly recommended.

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