A couple of 2017 full solar eclipse pics

Hardly a better day to live in middle Tennessee because the eclipse lived up to its hype and it was definitely worth the price of admission!

These pictures were made from still-shots off my camcorder, so they’re not the greatest … but they’re still neat.

Regardless of quality, I guarantee no picture can compare to what it looked like with my own set of eyes; nor can words really describe.

One picture captures the “diamond ring” effect, while the other is the “plain ole'” view of the full eclipse.


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Total Eclipse

Not everywhere is light eclipsed:
A few believe that God exists,
Fewer still do all his will,
But human sight is short and dull,
The moon of ignorance is total—
Nearly—Christians must be ever vocal
With news of glory—darkness reigns;
To expel it, only the voice of saints.


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A letter was sent to the church and…

A letter was sent to the church and when I opened it, I saw it was hand printed. Then, scanning, I saw the words in bold caps: “solar eclipse and blood moons”. It was only a page and though it had no signature, I decided to read it. Its author warned of a major event in 2014 and 2015 and spoke of coming eclipses and the moon turning to blood. Of course, I recognized immediately the biblical allusion. Such terminology was prophetically used for the downfall of Babylon, Egypt and Jerusalem. But don’t get too excited. There have been plenty of eclipses and blood moons with no consequences. What makes a natural event significant is not its normal occurrence, but that it is used by a prophet to declare God’s judgment against a people or city. Even then, the prophecy must be fulfilled. This is Just-a-Minute with Ed Boggess

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