Stay Close (Ted Knight)

My Lady and I were in a mall on Tuesday, April 1st. As we walked along there was a man with a little boy who seemed about three years of age.

The father said to him, “Do you want to go home and stay with Mommy and Daddy?” The little boy said, “Yes!” The father then told his son, “You must stay close to Mommy and Daddy because there might be someone else who would want to take you home with them.” Continue reading

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Quiet killer

In James 1:13-25 James tells us where sin begins and how it progresses to finally bring us to death. It doesn’t begin with someone else even though they may have an influence up on us. Sin begins with us. It may begin without warning, very quietly and with powerful deception.

My wife and I were already at the church building one Sunday morning. We received a call from a friend who said that his family needed help. My Lady left quickly and we to their house and found the parents and three children very, very ill. She believed that she knew what the problem was and immediately opened all the windows and doors in the house and called for medical help. It wasn’t long until they began to feel better and shortly after it was discovered that they had a faulty heating system and the house was filling with deadly carbon monoxide. There was no odor or smell but they could have easily died from this undetectable poison.

Sin may affect us the same way. It may be so obscure that we do not even notice it at first. But, it continues it’s intrusion into our lives and can surely lead us to death. That means that we must exercise every precaution to prevent sin’s overpowering us. What can we do?

  • First, we must use God’s word to fight back at the devil. James 4:8. If we do not take up the sword of the Spirit and use it against Satan, he will overcome us.
  • Second, we must pray without ceasing asking God to help us be strong and faithful.
  • Third, we must choose our friends carefully. A real and true friend will aid us in our effort to live for Jesus. But, those who do not share our faith and commitment to God will often become part of the problem that we are fighting against. Make sure that your friends are not a hindrance to your living the Christian life.

With Much Love,

Ted & Barbara
The Edifier by Ted Knight

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