Something Different

The best I can tell, today’s nudge asks what is unique about us. This would be my ability to write and to dig deep into human nature and ideas. This leads to consternation from some. On discussion groups or in discussions with people, I see things that others/they do not see, about what they are saying. Many people act subconsciously without realizing why they are doing so. Emotional people are more likely to be guilty of this. Therefore, they can quickly become irrational and lash out in anger.

It I difficult when you can see ahead, and other can’t. They will not separate themselves from their emotions and allow their emotional eyes to see.

Likewise, I seem to have the ability to step back and see things dispassionately. This is apparently rare. People take everything personally and cannot see things that are happening to them or see their actions, because of their taut emotions. It is similar to a wounded animal. They can bite the human that they love more than anything, because they cannot separate themselves from the pain.

If people would only develop this skill, so many relationship problems would abate.

I have a ton of faults, weaknesses and insecurities, but some things I do well and I thank God for that.

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