Gasp! First tag for Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

No tag for Him!

My previous post was the first tag for the third person of the Divinity.

It’s not like we’ve not written about him and his work or mentioned him in our posts — I checked. But we’re not tagging any of our posts with “Holy Spirit.”

I want to encourage you to do that.

Even the Godhead as a whole suffers, since we’re talking among Christians and often assume, one might suppose, that the conversation is about God. So the tags don’t always reflect the emphasis of our posts.

Take this as a call, if you like, to tag the Godhead, and especially the Holy Spirit, more.

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Hornet’s nest?

OK, I may have walloped the hornet’s nest with this Facebook status update. You tell me what I’m not seeing. Here’s what I just wrote:

Created the page “Jesus Lord and Savior.” Invited people or thought I did. Put the page out there or I thought I had. Few sign-ups. Does it not look interesting? But put a group or page out there — excuse me for this, because I love the body of Christ — with the name “Church of Christ” in it, and it gets many joiners. I’m looking for feedback. Evidently, I’m doing something wrong or that looks uninteresting, OR …

Off topic: did you know that FB only allows 422 characters per status update? I used every single one. 🙂

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