Chris Underwoods’s January 2020 Encouragement note

The original first Star Wars movie had the title A New Hope. The story showed how a war was continuing though there was a plan to carry out a mission that would help the balance of power swing over to another side.

Obedient believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ are constantly reminded to have hope in the strength of the Lord because we know nothing can separate us as long as we love and obey.

Say a prayer of hope today for the courage to have spiritual and physical skills to grow in the way of the Lord. The more we stay strong the less opportunity Satan will have to divide us from each other, or lead us away from the loving Father in heaven.

Have a great day and enjoy 366 days of prayer in 2020, Lord willing for us all.

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Put on spiritual clothing (Encouragement Note)

BY CHRISTOPHER UNDERWOOD — When the weather gets cold, frequently the weather report reminds people to wear layers to stay warm when outside and to carry emergency kits in vehicles such as blankets, extra coat and water. The local news will show people walking outside without hats, gloves, or heavy coats. The advice may seem frivolous to some who have recently moved from a warm climate and never experienced a winter storm in the Midwest.

With time, most people heed the warning to add warm clothing or quickly find a way to retreat to a land where six inches of snow is not likely to fall as often (Texas, Florida, Arizona, etc.) Continue reading

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Praying the Bible

By Chris Underwood — Application: Decide that at least one day this week you will use the Bible to guide your prayers.

Here are some Bible scriptures that may be helpful in your praying the Bible plan. Continue reading

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