My Best Talant

Like Ron writes before me, I am not the best judge of my talents. When I have meditated on them, taking inventory as to what I can do best I find that I am mechanical and technologically orientated. However, those talents are not the best at serving the Lord. In the area of serving the Lord, I can do many and various things, but I am not the best but for a few. I like to communicate, encouraging and teaching others. I do have a gift of gab, which is probably what I am best at. I can pick on people in a humoreous way, that eases people. I do make a good Barnabas.

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My Most Positive Word For Today

My most positive word for today has to be “influence”. In the 68 and 1/2 years of my life there have been many things influence my life. Some were good to very good, and some were bad. I thank God that I have been able to shuck the bad and keep the good. It was the influence of a grandmother to a grand-daughter that exposed me to the truth of salvation and the means by which one is saved. Therefore be thankful for the good influences in your life and praise God for those that influenced you in a positive direction. Take those same influences and pass them on to someone else.

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Hebrews 11

Last night I was watching old family videos and came across one that brought the tears. I had thrown my husband a surprise birthday party one Wednesday night after Bible class. Since it had been several years ago, some of the guests had since passed on. As the video panned over them, and I said their names, it reminded me of the great faith chapter, Hebrews 11.

If I were to write a Hall of Faith chapter, their names would be there. They were wonderful Christian examples who took time out of their busy schedule to be with us. Fellowshipping, you might say. I’m thankful for them and their influence on not only me, but my family.

So, my question to you is- who would be in your Hall of Faith chapter? If they’re here, send them a note today and thank them. If not, relish the memories and be certain you’ll be together again.

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