Think ahead: What about goals for 2019?

About a month remains until the new year. While the goals for this year get whittled down, run out, or end in a whimper, it’s not too early to think about new ones for the upcoming year.

  • Are you thinking ahead? Or waiting for the year to catch you and then play catch up?
  • How can we move forward even faster and better than we have before?
  • What hasn’t worked for you, and why?
  • Where are the failures located, in the will, in the heart, or in the mind?
  • What limiting visions hold you back?
  • What excuses are you offering for failures?
  • What mechanisms do you have implanted for learning from failures?
  • Have some gifts be strained by overuse and others untested by lack of use?
  • What other questions can you provide will help other saints to evaluate their level of and progress in growth?

Year end always provides a good time for measuring. May God bless us with much fruit that remains.

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Evaluating ministry to God

From this denominational article comes this list of questions to help one evaluate one’s service to Christ. I have only slightly adapted them. Continue reading

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