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The word “evangelist” literally means a messenger or bearer of good news. In the New Testament it refers to a preacher of the gospel. The gospel is the good news of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection for the sins of all mankind. There is a sense in which every Christian is to be an evangelist. “Preach the gospel by all means; if necessary, use words,” has been attributed to Francis of Assisi (c. 1182 1226), but without verification. Continue reading

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During a Nashville visit by Church of England…

During a Nashville visit by Church of England cleric James Richardson, he said that he was impressed with the religious enthusiasm of Americans. It was enough to make any British church jealous. However, he said he fondly hopes America keeps its TV evangelists to itself. Richardson said, “We don’t like what we are seeing. The TV evangelists offer emotional religion with little intellectual content. It’s unhealthy.” I totally agree with the English clergyman. Any profession that is all heart and no head, is only half of what it ought to be. The apostle Paul told Titus he should speak the things that become sound doctrine. Sound doctrine is healthy doctrine; sane, sensible, as well as saving. Be¬fore you say, “but there is some good in all of them” remember that Jesus expects us to separate the wheat from the chaff. Any religion that is 90% fluff and only 10% substance is 90% too fluffy. Christ¬ianity must never be heartless but neither should it be mindless. This is Just-a-Minute with Ed Boggess

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My favorite evangelist

Larry Fryer is one of the greatest evangelists I’ve known personally. He has worked in Sri Lanka for over 30 years converting many souls and training many evangelists. Larry is the one primarily responsible for my entrance into ministry at the age of 18. His encouragement helped shape my life in a way it would not have otherwise developed (at least not at that age). He is a godly man and a real nurturer (and his wife is top notch too!). Being with them always makes me feel at peace.

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The Last True Evangelist

The last true evangelist that I’ve known who lived what he preached, was Brother Dan Gibson, who preached for our Montana Street congregation for approximately seven years. He has since retired, he and his wife moving to Conroe, Texas to be close to their children.

He and his wife Joy, are now members of the Longmire congregation, where he now preaches part time. He also oversees the congregation’s educational program, making sure that the materials used in their Bible classes, coincides with clear Bible teaching.

Brother Dan is truly a man of the Book. I love and miss he and his wife dearly. I call him every weekend to see how he and his wife are getting along healthwise (they are in their late 70’s). Such faithful preachers in the brotherhood, are few and far between (and getting fewer by the day).

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Daily Nudge: True evangelist — and news

Name the last true evangelist you’ve met. That person who teaches others the gospel, not only from a pulpit or through a paid position, but who lives and breathes the mission of God.

Today’s Nudge is in honor of Jerry Jenkins, who died last night. According to family members, he was a true evangelist.

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