Burton Coffman quote on “faith only”

Any person familiar with the meaning of ordinary words must know that salvation “by faith alone” means salvation without obeying the Christians ordinances, without holiness, without moral conduct, without respect for any Christian duty, without the church and without the new birth or anything else. Such is the meaning of the word “alone” or its equivalent “only.” The only religious error ever known which rivals that of so-called salvation “by faith only” is the Christian Science proposition that there is no pain, sickness or death!

(James Burton Coffman New Testament Commentaries: Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, Volume VIII, P. 14, Paragraph 3, ©1977, A.C.U. Press)

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Unpopular conclusion but popular translation

James 2:26 isn’t a very popular verse with advocates of the faith-only doctrine. But regardless of how translators may feel about the conclusion (to their detriment), none have the nerve (to their credit) to change what it says. As a matter of fact, nearly all major (and minor) translations say the same thing when it comes to the verse in question.

Per Bible Hub, here is how 25 translations handle James 2:26: Continue reading

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The Reformed doctrine of faith alone

The Reformed Doctrine of “faith alone” is a cornerstone of protestant theology. This cornerstone, however, is put in place by inserting into Scripture a term that does not exist, building on it a man-made theology, such as the sinners prayer, God’s sovereign choice of salvation apart from one’s free-will and interpreting the word “works” to refer to either God’s commands or to anything that a person might do (otherwise).

One advocate of faith alone theology wrote, “I won’t defend the truth of justification by faith alone in detail, but it’s clearly taught, for example, in Romans 3:28: ‘A person is justified by faith apart from the works of the law.’ Or, as Paul teaches in Romans 4:5, ‘God justifies the ungodly.’ Both Abraham and David were justified by faith and not by works (Rom. 4:1–8; Gal. 3:6–9).” [1]

It is my intent, in this article and the next, to address these passages, noticing the context and how it does not support to teaching “faith alone” and, finally, give some attention to James 2.

This is no small matter. Continue reading

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Public Discussion on Water Baptism – May 27 & 28, 2016

This advertisement is via an email announcement being made by the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, TX:

On Friday and Saturday night, Jack Honeycutt of the Willette church of Christ will be discussing the essentiality of baptism for the remission of sins with Michael Brawner, a Missionary Baptist Preacher. Jack will affirm the proposition, “The Scriptures teach, ‘a person must be baptized in water as a requirement for salvation.'” Michael Brawner will affirm the proposition, “The Scriptures teach, ‘a person’s last requirement for soul salvation is faith only in Jesus Christ, coming from the heart.'”

GBN will broadcast the event live, with pre-event coverage beginning at 5:30pm CDT each evening. Mike Hixson and Bart Warren will host GBN’s coverage of the event. The event can be viewed on our GBN cable stations, as well as on our website.

Recently, Jack Honeycutt was in the studio and talked about some of the events leading up to the public discussion.The recording of this interview is available also by clicking here.

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The “faith alone” folks declare that baptism is…

The “faith alone” folks declare that baptism is a work of merit and therefore it cannot be linked to salvation. I agree that is it is a work of merit, than what they say is so. But let’s let God decide if it is a work of merit. In Titus 3:5 Paul wrote, “not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saved us, through the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit.” The apostle groups “washing”, his word for baptism here, with that which does not earn righteousness. No wonder to be born again, you must be born of water and the Spirit. The “faith onlys” would very much like to dispense with the water and remove the washing, but the Lord put it in there. So who are you going to believe, the “faith onlys” or the apostle Paul? This is Just-A-Minute.

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Jesus said “whoever believes in me will never…

Jesus said, “whoever believes in me, will never perish, but have everlasting life.” I believe that. But I also know that there were two ways of understanding it. One is the “faith only” way. Believe and with nothing else you are saved regardless. Another is that believe not only includes mental acceptance but other things that Jesus also included in the word “believe” and connected with salvation. For instance, the scriptures also say Jesus is the author of salvation to all who obey Him. Is obedience necessary? This verse seems to say so. Jesus also says, he who endures to the end shall be saved. What of those who believe but do not endure to the end? Taking John 3:16 by itself could mean either one, but when compared to all Jesus taught, I believe it includes much more. This is Just-A-Minute.

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The math is the same

What’s the difference between a person who says they believe in God but they don’t live like it and a person who says they don’t believe in God and they live like it?

The answer is: nothing. The math is the same no matter how you look at it. It’s six in one hand, and half a dozen in the other.

This is why the scriptures place such an emphasis on a living faith. So go out and live today in such a way that the world sees that your spiritual heart is alive and well in the words of Jesus Christ (Luke 6:46).

Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.” (James 2:17)

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