Prayers for Jim Newsted’s wife Linda

Our brother Jim Newsted was a Fellow here on TFR several years back. His wife Linda is in hospice care. Please pray for the family.

Jim was always open about his past struggles in understanding the unconditional love of God. He was a great Barnabas for us (one of his self-identified gifts), and we pray he continues to be so.

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Former TFR Fellow Roy Coffman passes

My wife said she saw on FB that Roy Coffman passed away Tues. She passed on to me this post by sister Victoria Yawn:

As many have already heard, Roy Coffman suffered a fatal heart attack the morning of Tuesday, May 9, and has passed away at the age of 69. The family appreciates your expressions of sympathy and your prayers. There will be a private family memorial in Omaha, Nebraska, later in the year. To those who have been a blessing to Roy in recent years, we offer our sincere gratitude. His coffee pot has now been unplugged. May the Lord bless each of you.

Roy’s TFR posts can be read here.

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Prayers: John Henson hospitalized

Our good brother John Henson was hospitalized in Nashville TN yesterday after an apparent heart attack. Let’s pray the Lord raise him up and restore his health. His daughter said on FB that they were waiting on tests and doctors to hear what the future holds.

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Welcome Dan Mayfield as our newest Fellow

Please welcome Dan Mayfield, our newest contributor to TFR. We look forward to his insights and perspectives. Continue reading

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It's a small, but still very strange and sad, world

This past Sunday, after services at Keltonburg, my family and I, along with one of the elders, went to a neighboring congregation to enjoy a meal given in honor of the congregation’s new preacher and also in appreciation of those who had helped to fill the pulpit vacancy over the last few months. So while we were there I asked one of the members about the new preacher who in turn gave me their name and then pointed them out to me…and wouldn’t you know it, it was TFR’s own, John Henson, all the way down from Michigan right here in middle Tennessee. Small world indeed! I enjoyed getting to talk to John for a few minutes. It’s always neat when you get to put a person to the computer screen. Along with John, I have had the privilege of personally meeting Randal, Barbara, Michael, and John Galloway (hope I didn’t leave anyone out); along with other writers from the Forthright Ezine work.

I was watching the news the other day, something that doesn’t happen very much, and I heard a lady talking about global warming. She said, and I quote, “We’re not talking about a theory here, we’re talking about a fact.” Strange, I’ve told atheistic evolutionists that I believe there is a clear distinction between a theory and a fact only to be ridiculed by them. Strange indeed.

Saw a story on an Internet news site that said over 54 or 55 million dollars has already been spent on the trial for the Colorado theater murderer. That’s sad! How can it take that much money to convict someone who clearly, and without a shred of doubt, took so much from people? Unfortunately it sounds more like a system at work than it does justice.

The world truly is a small place in light of so many common variables, and yet it is still a very strange and sad place due to humanity’s stubbornness and resistance to God’s will in Christ Jesus. May we all take the blessings of life for what they are – blessings! And may we see past the obstacles that block our way to the goal.

He was in the world, and the world was made through Him, and the world did not know Him. He came to His own, and His own did not receive Him. But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” (John 1:10-13)

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Please welcome James McFerrin as our newest Fellow

Please say a word of welcome to James McFerrin as our newest Fellow on TFR. See his bio on this page:

He’ll be posting his Chronological Bible Study this year. He caught us up during the night, so subscribers will see a number of emails in their inbox this morning.

We’re glad to count on James’s contributions and look forward to accompanying this new journey of commentary.


Our sister in Christ and TFR Fellow Glenda…

Our sister in Christ and TFR Fellow Glenda Williams said last night that it appears her mother will not last much longer. She said that separations are hard and requested prayer. Glenda has cared for her 102-year-old mother for a long time.

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Welcome to Josh Gulley

josh-gulleyWe’d like to welcome Josh Gulley as the newest Fellow here on TFR. Josh teaches chorus at DeKalb County High School in Middle Tennessee and attends the congregation in Smithville.

Eugene has posted a number of Josh’s articles from the Smithville church bulletin, so he arrives as a figure already familiar to us. And he’s already made his first post today, which we hope will be the first of many edifying articles.

We had the privilege of meeting Josh earlier this year at Tenn. Bible College’s Spiritual Renewal Lectureship.

Please make Josh feel welcome.

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We welcome two new TFR fellows

Please welcome Sandi Rog and Doc Phillips, our two newest Fellows who will be sharing their perspectives on TFR. (Their bios are on the Fellows page.) In fact, they’ve already made some posts yesterday and today. Eugene is getting them up to speed on using the WP software.

We look forward to learning from them both and being encouraged by their faith.

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Welcome to Eugene Adkins as the newest TFR Fellow

He’s already become a regular, since we’ve not properly introduced him, but you may still welcome Eugene Adkins to TFR. Shortly, we hope to have his bio up on the Fellows page. Eugene does a great job on his blog, and we’ve been delighted with the great contributions he’s made already to TFR.

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TFR grows, challenge to Fellows

Fellows Riverside Gardens

Maybe a nice place to read TFR? Image via Wikipedia

TFR is gaining ever more readers and subscribers to enjoy the mix of perspectives, viewpoints, insights, and fruits of labors that the Fellows share here regularly. This focused free-for-all is a favorite of many. (Yours, too, maybe? Say so below, if so.)

• Let me challenge our Fellows, especially those who haven’t posted recently to make at least one post today or tomorrow. Saturdays and Sundays are, not unsurprisingly, our slowest days.

• If you’re curious about who the Fellows are, here’s the roll call. We have only two pages on the site, the other is the About page, which, for convenience, includes the writing guidelines for the Fellows.

• Who knows, we might have a new Fellow or two to show their faces before long. Wikileaks hasn’t got a whiff of this yet. And maybe you have a nomination to make, eh? But like candidates for president, the person must really want it. Not that one should be obsessed with it, that would be a bit much.

• Have a great weekend. Take full advantage of that face-to-face fellowship which even TFR cannot substitute.

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Weylan in Bulletin Digest

Congrats to Weylan Deaver, who has an article published in Bulletin Digest, January’s issue, I think. I don’t have the copy with me at the moment. The article is “No Matter What … God Is Not Mad at You.”

My print copy came in the mail, with December 2011’s issue, a couple of days ago.

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Welcome to ‘Old Cowboy’ Roy Coffman

Please welcome TFR’s newest Fellow, Roy Coffman, who will be sharing some old cowboy wisdom with us. He tired of Facebook (a common tendency these days), so we invited him to share his posts here.

Roy is from Oklahoma, lives in Omaha, Nebr., and is a preacher with experience in broadcasting.

We look forward to learning from Roy’s old cowboy experience and insight.

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Welcome Richard Reinhardt Jr.

Friends, please welcome our newest Fellow on TFR, joined today, Richard Reinhardt Jr., who preaches with the Tent Chapel church in Blockton, Ia.

Richard is a friend of Stephen and Ron’s and comes highly recommended.

Richard says he began working with the Ten Chapel congregation “on May 1, 2011. Much of my time is presently spent working through the World Video Bible School lessons and furthering my education. I am single, but the Lord’s church provides the greatest family a person could ask for. I enjoy most outdoor activities, including walking, biking, and camping.”

We look forward to Richard’s contributions and to interacting with him. Best I recall, I met Richard at the Southern Ill. Preacher’s Retreat a couple of years ago.

Good, too, to have another American state represented, and a bellwether one at that, at least, for the presidential elections coming up. But we won’t require any political commentary from him.


Richard Hill’s mother has died

Richard shared on Facebook that his mother passed away last night. She had not been well for some time. We send our sympathies to the family and commend them to the comfort of her faith and ours.

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