New books, FHU Lectureship

Good morning! It’s a warm and muggy day here in southeast Brazil. We have some happy announcements this morning.

  • Visit the Forthright Press stand at the Freed-Hardeman University Lectureship this week. Look for the tall skinny guy with the red beard, my son Joel.
  • Get Stan Mitchell’s just-released ebook, Reality Check. Proceeds go to the FHU Bible Scholarship Fund.
  • Get info and a prepub special offer on my new upcoming book, O Soul! The Book of Exhortations. It’s a different kind of book, made for the 21st Century.

God is good and all he does is good!

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FHU Prez Wiley to retire

Dr. Joe Wiley has announced he will retire as president of Freed-Hardeman University effective June 1, 2017. In sharing his decision, Wiley said, “When I interviewed for the position of president of FHU, I was asked how long I intended to serve. My response was a minimum of seven years and a maximum of 10. This year, I will complete my ninth year as president of Freed-Hardeman University.” While stating his intent to retire at the end of the 2016-17 academic year, Wiley added, “If a new president is not identified and/or not able to take office on June 1, 2017, the board has requested (and I have agreed) that I will continue to serve as president until a successor has been employed.”

via FHU – Freed-Hardeman President Joe Wiley Announces Retirement

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The road home! As a student at FHC many …

The road home!
As a student at FHC many years ago, I was eager to preach anywhere people had enough perseverance to endure it. I had to travel over 100 miles to find such extraordinary saints. I made the trip in a old VW bug. The drive home took two hours and I remember that somewhere along the highway there was a lighted cross standing on a hill. Every time I saw it I thought to myself, “The way of the cross leads home.”

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Thursday readers’ news

Paolo tells us about the missions emphasis at the lectureship, which is great to hear. Is there a connection of the theme on 1 Corinthians, one wonders, with the mission of God? It’s there, powerfully so, but not often seen.

Barbara has sent a lot of photos with TFR Fellows and other visitors, which are being posted here and on the Forthright Press site.

And we’ve heard from several others at the lectures, through twitter, email and Facebook. We’re inviting people to post their news here on the open thread, but people are busy shuffling from one lecture to another and enjoying others’ company there. Which is what they should be doing.

However, we’ll continue to beg for a crumb now and again. And await word of the larger world out there. News! News?

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Fellows at FHU

In case you don’t recognize them, here are Richard Mansel and Ron Thomas at the Forthright Press book exhibit. Barbara must be taking the photo.

On the Forthright Press site, more pics, of Barbara with Stan Mitchell, a Forthright Magazine columnist, and with Ron.

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Wednesday readers’ news

Last night, Ron checked in again from Henderson TN at the FHU Lectureship to let us know who he was listening to and hobnobbing with. Paolo shared more good info under yesterday’s open thread, as did Mike, under Monday’s news thread. Do catch all of those. A question to the atendees: is there any emphasis on the mission entrusted to the church?

We’ve not heard lately from the rest of the world, as thousands converge on the Freed-Hardeman campus. We can attest that life does continue, and Christians do have lives and make news elsewhere. We’d like to hear from you today. What news do you bring us, friend?

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Phil, Richard, Barbara

Phil Sanders at FHU Lectureship

Here’s Phil Sanders in front of the Search TV exhibit. He’s looking hale and happy in his new work. Richard and Barbara are together in a shot on the FPress site.

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Tuesday readers’ news

Yesterday, Paolo posted from the FHU Lectureship in the open news thread. Keep your balance on that snow, brother! Glad to hear from him.

And we got the tweet passed on to us from a listener to one of the lectures.

Ron, as a good Fellows should, checked in from Henderson in his own post as he maintains his heavy reading schedule even in the midst of the lectures.

Of course, there is more happening out there than the FHU Lectureship. We’d like to hear from those soaking up those lectures, but we also want to know what’s happening in the rest of the world, since it does continue to turn!

Would our readers please click on the Reply link in the upper right of this post and share the news?

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Good day

Arrived at FHU this morning at about 10:00. Checked into the motel (Microtel). Saw many, went to two lectures (Edwin Jone and Cecil May), caught last half of forum. Called it a night, siting in room checking email, getting ready to read. A ggod day, but very slushy (snow, rain, ice) and an inch of snow expected by morning. Cracker Barrel next door. All is well!


Monday readers’ news

This is the week of the Freed-Hardeman Lectureship, so we hope to hear from atendees lots of news about that event, speeches, meet-ups, other ups or downs of the lectures. Even the weather makes news, too. Our Fellows are welcome to post their own items, and we certainly want to hear from our readers. Tell those of us who aren’t there what’s going on!

Click on the reply link at the upper right of this post and fill our ears!

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