Generational differences of lifestyle

When I was a child, we wasted nothing. If something broke, it got fixed rather than thrown out. We drove cars until the wheels fell off. We didn’t call in or use a specialist to fix things either. My father was a “jack of all trades” and fixed everything. He fixed leaky pipes, put the new roof on the house, repaired the heat pump, changed the oil in the cars, fixed the radiators when they went out. I even recall helping him change brake shoes and doing body work to patch rusted holes in the car body.

Today, we have no idea how to fix things ourselves. Products are made to not last forever any more, and it’s often cheaper to buy new than to fix. And so we have been trained to use and dispose, and we have become beholden the the manufacturers and repair specialists. We now live in a disposable society.

Whatever happened to the old saying, “waste not, want not”?

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