April 2015 Issue of Christian Worker (Godliness)

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Here are the topics that you will find:

  • “God Was Manifest in the Flesh” (Tom Moore)
  • “Great is the Mystery of Godliness” (Sam Willcut)
  • “Justified in the Spirit” (Trent Kennedy)
  • “Seen of Angels” (Kris Groda)
  • “Preached unto the Gentiles” (Bobby Burris)
  • “Believed on in the World” (Sean Embree)
  • “Received up into Glory” (Jacob Rutledge)

Christian Worker is an edification effort of the Southwest church of Christ in Austin, Texas.

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Jesus: The Most Uncommon Common Man To Have Ever Lived

Jesus was amongst the people every single day of his life – the shepherds, the fisherman, the tax collectors, the carpenters, the rich, the wealthy, the poor, the destitute, the working class, the no class, the Jew, the Gentile, the popular, the despised, and even the politicians! He was truly the God of Heaven wrapped up in the flesh of the earth (John 1:1, 14).

Jesus was so human that the majority of Israel couldn’t see him as anything else. The son and sibling of a poor family. An uneducated working class man. The friend of publicans and sinners. One condemned to die like a common criminal. That’s all the people as a whole could see – but in between every one of those perceived “common weaknesses” there was an uncommon strength that upheld the world’s very existence, not to mention the world’s very salvation (Hebrews 1:1-3).

Jesus came as a man to conquer a life lived outside of Eden with humanity so we could live a life in Eden with him despite our humanity. That’s why Jesus was the most uncommon common man to have ever lived!

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