Hugh’s News & Views (Great Gospel Preachers . . . Pt. 3)


(Part 3: B. C. Goodpasture and Marshall Keeble)

B. C. Goodpasture (1895-1977). In the 1960s, J. D. Thomas of Abilene, Texas published a series of twelve volumes of sermons by those regarded as the great preachers of the day. Fittingly, the volume by B. C. Goodpasture served as the climatic edition to the entire series. This book (which I have owned for fifty years) contains some of Goodpasture’s greatest sermons. One of my favorites is titled “The Unfinished Work of Christ,” a sermon I have endeavored to preach on various occasions.  Continue reading

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Hugh’s News & Views (Great Gospel Preachers . . . Pt. 2


(Part 2: Foy E. Wallace, Jr. and G. K. Wallace)

Foy E. Wallace, Jr. (1896-1979). Foy Esco Wallace was born September 30, 1896 near Blanchardville in Montague County, Texas. He was not a Junior in the true sense of the word. His father, a prominent Texas preacher, was Foy Edwin Wallace. When young Foy began preaching at the age of 15, he soon became extremely popular, and since they both had the same middle initial, to distinguish him from his father he became known as Foy E. Wallace, Jr. On November 29, 1914, he married Virgie Brightwell when he was 18 and she was 16. As his passing in 1979, they had been married for 65 years. I first heard Foy E. Wallace, Jr. preach in the late spring or early summer of 1959 while living in Louisville, Kentucky. Continue reading

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David Kenney on Winford Claiborne's passing

In this issue is a short tribute to one of my dear heroes and beloved friend who passed away on Tuesday morning. I was blessed to be able to attend the funeral of this great encourager yesterday; however, my father was not able to attend with me which made it doubly sad.

If you do not have a set of Winford’s books, I highly recommend you obtain these while they are still available. The cost of printing books is getting to be very high. Also, be sure to get the Claiborne singing CDs too. These are excellent and make great gifts for others who need access to this material. If you have any questions on these materials, please let me know.

—David R. Kenney

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Gospel preacher Warren Kenney slated Tuesday to remove head tumor

Gospel preacher Warren Kenney

Gospel preacher Warren Kenney

This from our brother and TFR Fellow David Kenney about his dad, Warren Kenney, long-time minister at the Central congregation in Martinsburg, WV:

Dad, Mom and Sherry met with the neurologists while we were on our way to the hospital from the hotel. We received a VERY favorable report. The tumor is close to the skull, right behind the right eye, and appears to be localized. They can go in with a more minimal incision and get the whole tumor which is about 1.75 x 1 inches. He will have to go through chemo and radiation treatment as a precaution. The tumor will be analyzed to see if further treatment will be required. He will have surgery on Tuesday, be in ICU a day, and will be released on Friday. He will have about a 30-day recovery period.

The doctors do not see any behavior risks and expect a complete recovery. He will be able to continue to do what he loves most–preach the gospel and enjoy life with mom.

We are so thankful for all your prayers on his and our family’s behalf and our loving God who has been mindful of dad. Please keep praying as the surgery will be Tuesday morning. The doctors are running more tests to make sure they are fully prepared for the operation.

Please feel free to share this with others.

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Hugh’s News & Views (Preaching)



Do our young preachers ever preach on such themes as the authority in religion, the inspiration of the Scriptures, the two covenants, the establishment of the church, the identity of the church, the scheme of redemption, repentance, baptism, worship, prayer, the Lord’s Supper, why we do not use instrumental music in worship, God’s standard of morality, or other fundamental themes? Do they ever simply take a biblical text and explicate it and make application of it? (Please see note at the end.)

From time to time, I hear able young preachers, as well as talented young men who are preparing themselves to become gospel preachers. They tell a lot of human interest stories and give an “inspiring” speech such as I might also hear at a Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis, or Rotary luncheon meeting.

I do not mean to be critical of these dedicated young men, but it would do the heart of this old preacher good if at least every once in a while I would hear one of them preach on one of the fundamental themes mentioned above and include more than just one or two scriptures in their sermon. I know what the Bible teaches about every one of those subjects, but I sometimes wonder if the young preachers do! They seem to never preach on them. And I know for a fact that there are people in their audiences who do NOT know what the Bible teaches about those subjects. Continue reading

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Christians born on this day

Terry Gardner and Tom Childers have been posting well-known preachers’ births on the Facebook group, “Friends of the Restoration.” Here’s today’s post.

Preachers born this day (August 31st) include: A. Alsup (1843-1907, one of Ligon’s men); William Franklin Ledlow (1877-1932); Clem Z. Pool (1893-1975); Thomas Howard Sherrill (1899-1980); and Ira Lutts North (1922-1984). Not a preacher, but an important person who is still with us is the remarkable Helen [nee Mattox] Young.

Perhaps you might know of other worthy saints born on this day, well known or not? Feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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