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  • Richard Mansel 11:53 am on 2017-03-18 Permalink | Reply
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    Supreme Court Justice Warns About Spiritual Dangers 

    Often when we speak of spiritual threats, we’re mocked or ignored as alarmists. Yet, when someone of great importance and special insight speaks, we should certainly listen and heed their warnings. (More …)

  • John T. Polk II 2:24 pm on 2017-03-04 Permalink | Reply
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    2-28-2017 Believe And Obey The Truth 

    “But what do you think? A man had two sons, and he came to the first and said, ‘Son, go, work today in my vineyard.’ He answered and said, ‘I will not,’ but afterward he regretted it and went. Then he came to the second and said likewise. And he answered and said, ‘I go, sir,’ but he did not go. Which of the two did the will of his father? They said to Him, ‘The first’” (Matthew 21:28-31 NKJV).  Jesus shows the difference between saved and lost. The first son refused to do his father’s will at first, but “regretted” his decision, changed his mind and obeyed. The second son represents sinners who say they believe, and may even claim they have obeyed, but actually have a “faith only” attitude: without works! Which son has obeyed?  “He who believes and is baptized will be saved” (Mark 16:16 NKJV).

    This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.

  • John T. Polk II 2:23 pm on 2017-03-04 Permalink | Reply
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    3-1-2017 The Gospel–Moving Or Movie 

    “I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (John 10:9-10 NKJV). With these words, Jesus Christ has placed Himself squarely between humanity and Heaven. Any movie-maker in Harlotwood who thinks theirs is “the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life” is “mistaken, not knowing the Scriptures nor the power of God” (Matthew 22:29 NKJV). Only God’s love seen in Jesus’ death for our sins, burial, and resurrection can lead a sinner to die to sin, bury sins in baptism for remission, and be raised to walk a new, and renewed, life. All movies have never done this!

    This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.

  • J. Randal Matheny 4:25 am on 2016-12-14 Permalink | Reply
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    Where’s the urgency? 


    Yesterday, a non-Christian and I resumed studying the Bible with a view toward his conversion. He wants to be baptized. His wife is a Christian. He feels left out of participation in worship. He wants to be a part of the body.

    He had stopped studying for months. He had an issue that he needed to deal with in his heart. But for all that, he just didn’t feel the urgency, even though he understood the connection between sin and perdition. (More …)

  • J. Randal Matheny 6:01 am on 2016-10-30 Permalink | Reply
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    A world hostile to God 

    “However, men obstinately refuse to change their lives, even before the most eloquent warnings (20-21). This is the world in which we live: a world hostile to God even in its core, a world that prefers to make for itself its own ‘idols’ and establish its own models of behavior.” (More …)

    • Richard 2:04 pm on 2016-10-30 Permalink | Reply

      I did reply to Bad Assumption but it never posted. How it ended up here I don’t know.

  • John T. Polk II 3:50 pm on 2016-04-20 Permalink | Reply
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    4-21-2016 Take It To The Streets 

    Violence in the streets is of great concern to puzzled survivors.  But, there is no amount of discussions, panels, candles, demonstrations or government intervention that can deal with the problem.  The problem is sin and evil, but without God’s explanation and guidance, no one can help.  When sin had entered the world, Cain killed his brother, Abel, because he “was of the wicked one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his works were evil and his brother’s righteous” (1 John 3:12 NKJV).  Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ gives evil sinners an opportunity to change their lives for good.  Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16:15-16 NKJV).

    This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.

  • John T. Polk II 5:59 pm on 2016-03-24 Permalink | Reply
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    3-24-2016 We Didn’t Start The Fire 

    Scoffers set a city aflame, But wise men turn away wrath. If a wise man contends with a foolish man, Whether the fool rages or laughs, there is no peace. The bloodthirsty hate the blameless, But the upright seek his well-being” (Proverbs 29:8-10 NKJV). Only scoffers, who reject God’s Word, “set a city aflame,” that is, hurt and destroy, as happened in Brussels, Belgium on March 22, 2016. Jesus said the Devil “was a murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44 NKJV), so regardless of the group name, only the Devil would claim responsibility for such slaughter! Those responsible should become as Assyria, “fallen by the sword, Who caused terror in the land of the living” (Ezekiel 32:23 NKJV). The response should be: “preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved” (Mark 16:15-16 NKJV).

    This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.

  • J. Randal Matheny 5:49 am on 2016-03-21 Permalink | Reply
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    Challenges to the church in Cuba 

    This letter, by a person who visited Cuba recently, points up some of the challenges that the Lord’s body faces in Cuba. Not only economic but social. (More …)

    • John Henson 11:49 am on 2016-03-22 Permalink | Reply

      There will not be a “modern” Cuba until the gospel of Jesus is preached there in all its truth. The gospel is the only hope any nation, island or principality has.

  • TFRStaff 5:54 am on 2015-12-08 Permalink | Reply
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    Hugh’s News & Views (Inconvenient Truth) 


    In 2006 Davis Guggenheim produced a documentary film of former vice-president Al Gore’s campaign to educate people about global warming (more recently referred to as climate change). The title of the documentary was “An Inconvenient Truth.” Regardless of one’s view about the subject matter of that documentary, it is a fact that the Bible sets forth truth that many find inconvenient and which they wish to evade or “explain away.” (More …)

  • J. Randal Matheny 6:21 am on 2015-11-04 Permalink | Reply
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    What if people of the world were like you? 

    Reading an old journal entry, I noted where someone graciously commented to my wife and me that, if people were like us and our children, the world would be a much better place. The person was kind. I recalled then one takeaway or lesson, and have since thought of two more. (More …)

    • John Henson 8:14 pm on 2015-11-04 Permalink | Reply

      I began appreciating Willie later in life when I became tone deaf, or just otherwise deaf.

  • TFRStaff 3:47 am on 2015-10-16 Permalink | Reply
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    Italian gospel radio broadcasts now online 

    “Hear the good news!” This is the translation of “Ascoltate La Buona Notizia,” the name of a new website that has been added to the Old Paths group for the church in Polermo, Italy: (More …)

  • TFRStaff 3:44 pm on 2015-06-22 Permalink | Reply
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    Hugh’s News & Views (Conversion Of A Baptist . . .) 


    A few weeks ago I received an interesting email from my friend and fellow gospel preacher Raymond Elliott of Prattville, Alabama. Raymond told the story of the conversion of Andrew Jackson and Lonia B. Harden and their family from denominationalism to the purity and simplicity of New Testament Christianity. I was so impressed with the story that I asked Raymond for permission to use it as a “Hugh’s News & Views.” He gladly granted permission. The fascinating story follows in Raymond’s words. (More …)

  • J. Randal Matheny 8:38 pm on 2015-06-02 Permalink | Reply
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    Prayer: friend’s mission trip 

    A devoted brother in Christ will travel Thursday to a city with no church to teach a person interested in living according to Jesus’ principles in the 21st Century. If you’d like more info on his trip, see this link:


    May God use this opportunity to bring the gospel to yet another location where it has yet to be heard.

  • J. Randal Matheny 4:03 pm on 2015-04-08 Permalink | Reply
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    Links and one-liners 

    • Plans full-steam for US trip April 21. Hope to see you there.
    • Pay insults with blessing. If our Lord could do it, so can we.
    • Spend time with people in person. Virtual is good, but lacking.
    • The gospel is simple. So is evangelism. Don’t complicate it.
    • Can a leopard change his spots? Dunno, but a sinner sure can rid himself of sin.
  • John T. Polk II 6:40 pm on 2015-03-12 Permalink | Reply
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    3-13-2015 Where Angels Dare Not Go 

    God’s angels cannot change the Gospel requirement Jesus set: “And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned’” (Mark 16:15-16 NKJV). Paul wrote: “But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed” (Galatians 1:8 NKJV). The Devil mis-represented Scripture to teach that an angel would keep Jesus from harm if He threw Himself off “the pinnacle of the temple” but Jesus replied “It is written again, ‘You shall not tempt the LORD your God’” (Matthew 4:5-7 KJV). We must always let God’s Word tell us what angels can and cannot do.

    This is Johnny Polk, with “Words of Wisdom” brought to you by the Oneida church of Christ.

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