Christians Should Be Like Groundhogs

By Johnny O. Trail — It is amazing to consider what one can learn from a children’s book. At one time my son, Noah, liked for me to read from his book Groundhog Gets A Say. Since February is when we celebrate Groundhog Day, I took special notice of what Noah’s book had to say about groundhogs. As I read to him when he was younger, I was convinced that Christians need to be more like groundhogs.

Did you know that groundhogs move about seven hundred pounds of rock and dirt a day? No one should ever accuse a groundhog of being lazy (Swallow 2007). Many farmers have complained about the manner in which their barns and hay sheds have been undermined by families of groundhogs. It is amazing to think of such a relatively small animal moving such a large volume of dirt and rock. There are two principles that Christians can glean from this fact. Continue reading

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