10 advantages to sharing your content on TFR

tfr-logoHere are ten advantages of posting to The Fellowship Room. These are mentioned here (a) to encourage our present Fellows and (b) to motivate others in the Lord’s church who might be interested in joining in our fellowship fest. Continue reading

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After Richard M ‘s good word to the…

After Richard M.’s good word to the Forthright Mag staff earlier (today? — it’s been a long week), methinks going for quicker, smaller, shorter posts is often a good thing. (This after I just bled out 750 words on my Journey entry over on my blog.) The attention span of this generation can’t even abide 15 minutes of fame or a day’s attention to Marco Rubio’s swig of bottled water. Not to say that longer treatises are passé, but the more we can get to the point, and make our point cogently, concisely, and powerfully, the more audience we may gain. What say you?

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