Watch ’em grow

The congregation with which I last visited was Rush Springs, Oklahoma for the lectureship.

The most impressive attribute of this church is the members and how they worked together to sponsor, host and feed everyone and the coordination of everything. A hundred little details have to come together to make a lectureship work and this one was seamless.

The church’s organization is a model, too. The three elders recently appointed several deacons with assigned duties. These elders actually sat down and determined which deacon should have which job. The immediate result was a successful Vacation Bible School coordinated by Deacon Kevin Worden.

These people are impressive also in how they love each other. It’s easy to see in the way they treat one another. This kind of trait will show the community around the church that these people are Christ’s people (John 13:34f). Mixed with the gospel preached in faith and that’s an unbeatable recipe for growth.

Just watch ‘em grow!

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My favorite Biblical plant is the lily (…

My favorite Biblical plant is the beautiful lily (Matthew 6:28-29-NLT).

“And why worry about your clothing? Look at the lilies of the field and how they grow. They don’t work or make their clothing, yet Solomon in all his glory was not dressed as beautifully as they are.”

If God takes care of the beautiful lily, even though it doesn’t work or weave, what makes us think that He will not provide the necessities of life for us, His children? All we have to do is simply ask in faith, and we will receive (cf. Matthew 7:6-11).

God is indeed good! (Mark 10:18).

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Ideas to revive a church: preach, preach…

Ideas to revive a church: preach, preach, preach. Acts 6:7. Plant the seed, the word of God, and the church will grow. Yes, I know many elders don’t believe that, but it’s just as true now as when it was written. Look at a recent example. The church grew by “leaps and bounds” from 1920-1950s. Why? Because we were preaching the gospel every day. There were meetings conducted that were WEEKS and MONTHS, not days long. We were preaching on the radio, on television. We were preaching the gospel. What’s going on now? Now the two-to-three-day meeting is the norm. If we sew boutifully, we reap bountifully. If we sew sparingly, we reap sparingly (2 Cor 9). All of the construction of game centers and the millions of dollars spent for them can’t replace the preaching of the gospel.

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When do I grow the most spiritually? Whe…

When do I grow the most spiritually? When I’m teaching a Bible class where members can freely discuss the topic that is being presented from God’s word. Many times, members of the class have brought up thoughts and ideas that I never thought of in my study of the topic.

The Bible class teacher always benefits the most, not only from his or her study of the Bible, but from the input of other members as well. I grow spiritually, when members of the class offer their good wisdom and insight into the Word.

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