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Following is a letter the late great gospel preacher Gus Nichols (1892-1975) wrote to his family at home in Jasper, AL during a meeting in which he was preaching in Montgomery, AL in 1938. It is a graphic description of the electrocution of two criminals at Kilby Prison, an Alabama state penitentiary in Montgomery. Leonard Johnson (mentioned in the letter) was co-founder of Montgomery Bible College, later Alabama Christian College, now Faulkner University. I assume brother Johnson was the local preacher where brother Nichols was conducting the meeting. I am indebted to Larry Whitehead of Birmingham, AL, editor of The Alabama Restoration Journal (currently in a state of suspension), for sharing this letter with me. I will alert the faint of heart that it is a horrifying description of what brothers Nichols and Johnson witnessed so many years ago. Too, this particular edition of “News & Views” is about twice as long as usual, but I did not want to divide the letter into two parts. It is as follows: Continue reading

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Thanks to a brother I've not met who…

Thanks to a brother I’ve not met who found it and sent me a copy, I listened today to a forum that took place in November 1973 at the Harding Graduate School of Religion in Memphis between my grandfather (Roy C. Deaver) and Gus Nichols. The question was: “Can the guilty party, put away for fornication, scripturally remarry?” Nichols said “yes” and Deaver said “no.” I was five years old back then, so–thanks to modern technology–it was great to be able to hear him defending truth in his prime (about age 51). Thomas B. Warren was in the audience and, when it came time for the Q&A session, he really held Nichols’ feet to the fire, as well.

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When brother [Gus] Nichols preaches, it …

When brother [Gus] Nichols preaches, it is obvious to the hearer that here is a man who is not just keeping an appointment. It is apparent that he knows the difference between having to say something and in having something to say.

Roy C. Deaver, Biblical Notes, November 1972, p. 73

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