Name An Item Or Habit

From a spiritual perspective, the following are some of my observations regarding items or habits no longer in use today (comparatively speaking) as they were three to four generations ago:

1) The Bible is no longer habitually read, studied and used by members of the Lord’s church like it was in the 1940’s and 1950’s (we used to be called “walking Bibles” by those outside the church –

2) Looking at all of the immorality in our society today, we can plainly see that Interest in spiritual values and principles are no longer “in vogue.” If they were, children would be taught these values at home and our society today would be less immoral as a result.

3) Hell fire and damnation sermons are today rarely heard from the pulpit (I grew up hearing these type of sermons on a regular basis back in the 1940’s). And guess what? The Lord’s church grew dramatically.

4) Home Bible studies with others are virtually non-existent today (no time to study, folks say).

5) Personal bible study at home is virtually non-existent today. Too many worldly influences (too many digital “toys”), thus, no time to study.

6) In the 1940’s and 50’s, folks habitually assembled to worship the Lord – so much so, that two to three week gospel meetings were not uncommon (I attended some of them). Today, they are unheard of. If we can get members to come to a three-day gospel meeting, we count ourselves successful.

7) Pews are not being filled today as they were three to four generations ago. The testimony of the “empty pew” is a testimony to our lack of focus on spiritual things (Colossians 3:1-2):

I could go on and on and on (like the energizer battery bunny), but the above are enough samples to let folks see the fact that spirituality has greatly waned in our country and in the Lord’s church.

What’s the solution to all of the above? Open the Book! (read it and do what it says do – James 1:22-25):

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Some of my old habits

There are several old patterns in my life that are no longer observed.

One of the things my wife and I used to do was to get into the car and drive somewhere just to go. With the price of gasoline nearing (and in some places exceeding) four dollars per gallon, we no longer do that.

We’ve also stopped making trips to the doctor just because one of us doesn’t feel well. Again, largely economic factors forced us to stop seeing a physician unless there is a major problem.

And, I find I no longer walk through Wal-Mart, looking at merchandise. Now, we have a list of items we want to get and stick to it.

How many songs have been written entitled, “Old Habits Die Hard?” When I searched the topic on Google, there were dozens.

Make a new habit this Sunday by attending church. This is a habit that can begin as easily and any other, and will have eternal benefits.

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An Important Distinction

An important distinction in my life has been the distinction between good and evil. Many people in our society are woefully ignorant of that distinction (Isaiah 5:20). That distinction can only come about by a daily and habitual study of God’s word (Acts 17:11; Hebrews 5:13-14; 2 Timothy 2:15), as well as an application of it (Psalm 119:33-34).

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My social media habits are mostly on Twi…

My social media habits are mostly on Twitter and Facebook. Both of these sites are good for promoting your blog or for getting the latest news reports. When Eddie Watkins and Kevin Cauley first began The Preacher’s Files site, I was very active on their Bible study forum, but due to my work commitments, I became less involved on that site. I am registered on but rarely go there.

As far as the latest area church news, there are many brethren who are gone on vacation, the results being a lot of empty pews. Guess that’s one drawback of the summer months.

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The best way to teach morality is to mak…

The best way to teach morality is to make it a habit with children.

Aristotle, Greek philosopher (384-322 B.C.)

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