Everything they offer is unclean: Haggai 2.14

“Then Haggai responded, ‘The people of this nation are unclean in my sight,’ decrees the Lord. ‘And so is all their effort; everything they offer is also unclean.'”

Haggai 2.14

An unclean people cannot offer to God sacrifices or offerings that are acceptable. Everything becomes contaminated. Man’s opinion does not matter. It is what God sees that counts.

Sinners cannot dig themselves out of their sin. We all sin, Rm 3.23. Our every effort is therefore repulsive to God. We have no merit; we need saving grace.

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I was reading along in Haggai 2 studying…

I was reading along in Haggai 2 studying Messianic prophecies and I cam across a parenthetical statement that I had simply over-read with little thought before. Most of you have already realized this, I suppose, but it took me by surprise. Haggai 2:6 says “For thus says the LORD of hosts: ‘Once more (it is a little while) I will shake heaven and earth, the sea and dry land . . .” God shook the world order up when Jesus arrived around AD 26, was put to death AD 30, and demonstrated to the world His rejection of Israel as His special people in AD 70. The thing I hadn’t thought of before is that “little while”. When Haggai spoke it was around 520 BC. Add to those 520 years, another 30 or even 70 and you get either 550 or 590 years. God calls 550 years “a little while”. Sometimes we look at the two millennium since Jesus first came and think “why hasn’t He already come back?” But if we realize that when God described 550 years as a little while, it still hasn’t been very long since Jesus was here before. Just-a-thought.

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