Trip to Haiti

Steven Haguewood just returned from Haiti. On the Bible study forum, he said a few minutes ago,

Our team has gotten back from Haiti. We made food bags for nearly 3,000 people and distributed all but 75. I have seen destruction from tornados and hurricanes, I have never seen the type of devastation as I did in downtown Port-au-Prince. Continue to pray for Haiti. On the good note, there were 7 baptisms while we were there bring the total up near 30 in the Santo church of Christ (15 minutes from PaP) since the earthquake. In the wake of destruction God is working.

I’ve asked him for a write-up for BNc.


Glorious Day

The weather is perfect and we had a glorious day at worship. We had a special contribution and we will be sending $1,600.00 to help the suffering in Haiti. Our contribution continues to increase and the rate of spiritual growth is obvious in the congregation. I have been doing a lot of preaching about spiritual growth lately and how necessary it is that it is also coupled with emotional maturity. It is bearing fruit. We have a very  special group of brethren. Different races worshiping together in harmony in Christ. What could be better?

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Real Tragedy

Matt Johnson directs our minds past the suffering of the Haiti earthquake disaster and to the real tragedy before them and us.

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Michael Brooks helps us understand the true tragedy of natural disasters.

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Situation in Haiti

This email has come through a few hands, though it supposedly can be traced to the source, an American nurse who has gone to Haiti to help in a hospital. And since it has all the marks of being genuine, I’m including it here for your consideration. I have no doubt it describes what’s happening on the ground there.

You just would not believe the things i have seen. people everywhere with missing limbs. 2 babies died today. one man died with a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) bc they ran out of heparin. our team brought heparin. they are sick and lying on stretchers and bleeding. one nurse broke down today and said that last tuesday they were just cutting people limbs off that were crushed and they had nowhere to dispose of the body parts so they stacked them in front of the hospital for days. when the smell became too much someone took care of them. these people are young. younger than me. i havent seen an old person yet. avg life expectancy is 51. i feel so horrible. they don’t have what they need and we are watching them die. the nurses in haiti are terrible. they don’t know how to care for their patients. i have worked since we arrived at 2 with a short break to eat at 8. i went back to check on my icu patient’s and the nurse that was caring for them was fast asleep. i am learning pediatrics quickly. so many babies that are sick. some patients don’t have food to eat. the hospital cannot feed them so if family does not bring food they simply do not eat. i dont even want to eat. the smells and sights have been overwhelming. it is so primitive and i am having to be creative with supplies. today i made a tourniqet with a rubber glove as i pinned a whaling 9 year old down. they shaved skin from her thigh to graft skin to the lower section of her leg. she left the or with no iv access. i had to get a line in her to medicate her. her parents were no where to be found. i wanted to talk to her to calm her but i can’t understand the language. even those fluent in french say it is no help. the creole and slang is way too different. i finally took a shower. it was a slow drip and cold, but it was water. i have sweat all day. the hospital is a humid and hot building. i think my comfort at this point is so menial. pray for us and that more supplies will arrive. we are in desperate need of medicines. pray that i can be quick on my feet. pray that my headache will go away and that the nausea will stop.

Reminds us that much will be needed, now and in the future. May our efforts continue to give and get help down there as soon as possible.

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Starting Monday

The Daily Nudge asks the Fellows today, “What makes you laugh?” We’ll do something a bit lighter after the heavier talk about death. A bit of balance, don’t you think?

Troy Spradlin has made it on board to share with us in a daily one-paragraph (or more, go for it, Troy!) post what they go through and how they feel as they move and get settled in once in Paraguay. They’re only a few days off from departure. We’re thrilled he’s taken this challenge on, in the midst of one of the most hectic and demanding periods of a person’s life.

I’m also thrilled with the development so far of TFR. The Fellows sparkle with the spirit of Christ.

The Haitian aftershocks are worrisome to relief efforts. May they remind us to keep victims and relief workers in our prayers. I know of a number of Brazilian congregations sending funds or supplies, including SJCampos.

It’s a shame that bureaucracy impedes the process in some places. But there are always those who seek personal gain at just such moments. My theory is that bureaucracy doesn’t stop the crooks, just gives them more chance to create holes in the system. Seems that way, anyway.

What a relief that the law of Christ doesn’t work that way. Perfect in every way, equally just to all, accessible and understandable to all. And not a barbed-wire electric fence but a channel for the power of God to work in every saint.

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Article on Roberta Edwards

The Gospel Advocate Company has posted on their site a PDF file of the article on Roberta Edwards and the work she does with the Son Light Children’s Home, an orphanage in Haiti. The article was published in the Jan./Feb. Christian Woman magazine. You can download it HERE.

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More info on Haiti

Two more stories are available on the earthquake destruction in Haiti, one a report directly from a Haitian preacher. Check the benevolence category below for all the stories on this immense tragedy. The Northeast church in Kingsport, Tenn., is sending help there directly.

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We’re preparing a news story on Haiti f…

We’re preparing a news story on Haiti for BNc. If anyone has info on the state of the church there, please let me know. For now, the Estes church in Henderson, Tenn., has long been involved there and is preparing to ship supplies. People involved with the Hope for Haiti’s Children ministry are also in the forefront. Watch BNc for the story, which I hope will come out today. Or keep an eye on the BNc’s Twitter account.

UPDATE: Here’s the BNc story, with contact information for where you can help and send donations.

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Lesson from Haiti

This is another reason to thank God that we live in a wealthy nation where there are standards for how buildings should be constructed. In Haiti they build buildings without a plan or a pattern. As a result, they fall when pressure is applied. Far too many lives are like that, as well. It is all tragic.

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“Leading [Haitian] Sen. Youri Latortue …

“Leading [Haitian] Sen. Youri Latortue told The Associated Press that 500,000 could be dead, although he acknowledged that nobody really knows.”

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