One purpose for a mixed-bag individual

There are times when certain people may wonder if God can use their mixed-bag life. “It’s too complicated,” is the thought that too often comes to mind.

Situations such as historical family traditions and casserole-like religious experiences create doubt about our ability to serve God with certainty. Other issues like our birth-culture or maybe even our birth-name seems to be too contrary to sound Christian theology thus creating questions about our ability to be the salt and light who fulfills the calling of God. But I assure you, despite the questions, wonders or doubts, God can, and will, use you for the purpose of exalting Jesus.

Listen to Acts 18:24 and pay attention to the descriptions given to one interesting Christian:

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You on Twitter?

Mike R (@montanastcoc) had some good thoughts about Twitter. I’d like to ask both Fellows and readers to insert their twitter usernames in the Reply comments, to be sure we have everyone available and accessible.

I’m also trying to resurrect a conversation about tags, since the “cofC” tag is pretty well taken by a college and “coc” in some furin language. At them moment, I’ve not proposed an alternative, but I’m leaning toward “chofch” or “chofchr.” When space permitted, I’ve used “churchofchrist” but that’s entirely too long. Shorter the better.

Now, your twitter username? I have several:

Personal: @jrmatheny

BNc: @brotherhoodnews

FPress: @forthrightpress

UPLift: @yourdaytoshine

Quick Bible Truths: @bibletruths

United Prayer: @unitedprayer (Mike R doing a great job with me here)

I know, entirely too many. So I won’t include the two Portuguese-language usernames and another inactive account.

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