The study missed 7 other cancers that alcohol is responsible for

According to a recently released study, alcohol use has been directly linked as a major contributing cause to seven forms of cancer:

  • liver
  • colon
  • rectum
  • esophagus
  • larynx
  • pharynx
  • female breast.

The study also found that the health risks out-weigh any of the touted health-benefits of drinking alcohol…I’ve been telling people for years, who claim to drink for the health benefits, to drink grape juice and they’d reap the benefits that they’re looking to gain. You don’t need the alcohol component in and of itself for any physiological benefits.

While I sincerely appreciate the gravity and soberness and awareness that the report is trying to create in our culture when it comes to the dangers of using alcohol, I believe the story (which was meant to look at the relationship between alcohol and cancer in the human body mind you) missed seven other major societal cancers that alcohol has also been directly linked to as a major contributing cause: Continue reading

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Where’ve I been lately?

A daughter-in-law wrote to ask if everything was all right. She’d noticed my absence on Facebook. A friend also queried. Everything was very all right.

Saturday we received two American visitors from a supporting church. All our time was devoted to them, until they left yesterday for Peru, to teach there. This congregation began supporting us last December, so our conversations were very helpful to fill in a lot of blanks about their work and how we fit in.

Before they arrived, however, early Saturday morning, around 4:30, I rushed The Missus to the hospital with tachycardia. They couldn’t find her blood pressure, it was so low, and when they did it was 80/40. They got her stable with nitro, oxygen, and I know not what other measures. By the afternoon, she was released and accompanied us to the BBQ in Taubaté.

While she was wired and tubed, I went to the São Paulo airport, about an hour away, to pick up our guests. I’d asked a friend to stay with her while I was gone. I scooped them up, dropped them at our house, where Leila and a friend of hers from São Paulo were, then returned to the hospital to sit with Vicki. After her release, we drove to Taubaté and enjoyed the BBQ, but I kept an eye on her. She didn’t have to do anything there except eat.

I was almost entirely absent from the Internet from Saturday through yesterday, when we all had lunch with friends in São Paulo and then dropped our distinguished visitors off at the airport. They went on to Peru to teach in a program there, and we returned home to a quiet house, all the more so since Leila stayed in São Paulo to visit a friend for a few days.

Now to catch up on a bit of work and prepare for our monthly advanced Bible study on Saturday.

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