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I watched the final episode of The History’s Channels “The Bible” last night. In my humble opinion, which is based upon what a person would actually read in the Bible, the further into the Bible the show got, the worse it got! There were a couple of moments that were done really well last night, but for the most part it seemed as if the directors, producers, actors or whomever, had decided that there wasn’t much point in following what the Bible actually says and instead decided to follow what they think the Bible says or what they think it should say. This is so very unfortunate because the TV show that was supposedly meant to educate people has only added to the growing sources of biblical ignorance that are so readily available…goes to show you that there’s more than more way to waste millions of dollars on error.

I got an email this weekend about a product called the TV Guardian. Does anyone know much or anything about this product? The makers/sellers claim that it has the ability to filter out foul language from TV shows and movies. I talked to one brother who’s in the satellite business and he said that he had seen them before but he wasn’t really able to give me a thumb’s up or down. If you know anything about the product, speak up because if it does 90% of what it claims I think it would be worth the money.

Have you ever thought about how God not only sees what we do during the day, but that He also sees what we dream at night?

I saw a member of the catholic “hierarchy” get interviewed on CBS’ Sunday Morning yesterday. I hope they realize there’s a difference in “hierarchy” and “heirarchy.” They have one, but they don’t have the other! I also heard the man push the false catholic notion that the church “moved” from Jerusalem to Rome. Of course the church moved to Rome, just like it moved to Ephesus, Corinth, Berea, etc. Now what the man meant is that the “mother” church moved from Jerusalem to Sinai…I mean Rome. The Christians in Galatia were reminded about the origins of the church, an origin that the catholic church can’t lay claim to (Galatians 4:21-26). And by the way, may we never forget that the church has only one Head, and the Head of the church sits upon His throne in Heaven because He carried a wooden cross to victory – not a gold one (Colossians 1:18, Acts 2:29-36).

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History Channel’s “The Bible” TV Show

I was waiting to see if anyone would do any reviews or write a basic post about History’s latest “biblical” blockbuster. I guess it’s been about as popular and intriguing with the fellows as it has been with me, but I thought it would be worth the time to have a review in TFR about it.

The couple of times that I have watched the show it has been sorely lacking something that I would consider to be key with the whole title and all. Graphics? It’s got that! Drama? It’s got that too! Buzz? Can’t deny that! Bible based lines and actions? Let’s just say it seems like the majority of their script writers didn’t take the lead from the original screen play.

Now I understand that the show tried to cover a lot of ground in a quick manner, but that’s no excuse for a TV show whose producers feel that they have been “called” by God to do what they’re doing. I also understand (like the original 10 Commandments movie) that they are times when things have to be filled in with subjective calls. Things like wardrobes, sets, lighting, “extras”, dialogue for when larger gaps of time occur…etc. But what I don’t understand is why objective, clearly stated words and actions have to be ignored. Let me give an example. In the scene where Moses and the children of Israel cross the Red Sea, the “Bible” (the show) has Moses walk out into the water and strike it with his stick! I guess they were thinking of Numbers 20:8-11 instead of Exodus 14:15-16 because there the actual Bible says something totally different from what appeared on the small screen:

And the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. But lift up your rod, and stretch out your hand over the sea and divide it. And the children of Israel shall go on dry ground through the midst of the sea.” (NKJV – emphasis mine)

How much clearer can it be? How confusing is that? How can that not be exciting enough? Some may think this is only a small technicality, but I say if you’re going to name your TV show after the greatest book to have been written then the show should follow the book that its name bears. That’s not to mention the rest that they got wrong with the Red Sea scene biblically speaking. There was plenty!

I am glad that the show has people talking about the Bible; maybe it will cause people to look up what they see on TV in the scriptures – but I am afraid if they do they might not recognize what they’re reading. The TV show may be good for “entertaining” people when it comes to the Bible, but the show comes short when it comes to “educating” people on the Bible.

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