This is Just A Minute A preacher once…

This is Just-A-Minute. A preacher once declared, “I quit believing in hell when I realized that there is no one so evil as to send there!” It seems to me there are plenty of others who have quit believing in hell as well. But such a notion is born of an ignorance of who God is. God is holy, infinitely holy. The cherubim about his throne constantly repeat, “holy, holy, holy.” To be holy means to be away from and separate from all sin. But man is full of sin, full of desires and acts of sin with sinful guilt like great mountains, heaped one on another, piled so high the top cannot be seen and still it grows. There is pride and arrogance, contempt and enmity, quarreling and strife, obstinacy and incorrigibleness, perverseness and corruption, cursing and blasphemy; sins of every variety and every degree. Is there no one who cries and sighs? Only in Jesus is there hope.

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Local Churches Expand As Membership Falls

An article from the Amarillo Globe News:

A quote from the article: “What we need to give people is an experience of the holy, allowing them to come as they are.”

Question: Is allowing folks to “come as they are” giving people an “experience” of the holy?

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Since Laura presented us with the greate…

Since Laura presented us with the greatest Being, I will opt for His greatest characteristic. Above everything else He is holy. In every way He sets Himself apart. He calls us to the same—to be like Him. In our worship, our homes, our work, our demeanor, our dealings with others, and when we are alone, in other words the whole of our existence, we are called to be holy. Many of us would prefer to simply be a face in the crowd. Standing out or drawing attention to ourselves makes us uncomfortable. Going with the flow, conforming to this world, to be seen in the eyes of our neighbors as normal, is certainly easier but even more certainly it is not holy. The call is clear, “Therefore come out from them and be separate. . .” 2 Cor. 6:17 He told Israel and now He tells us, “Be holy because I am holy.” Lev. 11:45; 1 Pet 1:16

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