What If The Preacher Stayed Home?

Here’s a thought-provoking “what-if” question: What if the preacher stayed home? http://mbriley.preachersfiles.com/2011/02/14/what-if-the-preacher-stayed-home/

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My Favorite Place To Sit

My favorite place to sit is my in home library room where I study, write, and post my articles to my Bible article blog.

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The Way Home

The Lord speaks to Jeremiah; He says to him that His disappointments are great. He looks “down” and takes note that His people have no understanding; in fact they are “wise to do evil,” but have no real sense of doing good (Jeremiah 4:22). When one is so bent on trying to get ahead, when one is son interested in trying to out maneuver another, when one is interested in planning schemes in order for advancement, have these people (or should I say “we”) lost sight of what is good? Those who have lost sight are inviting themselves to lose their way. When their way is lost, how will they know the way back home?

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Making a good marriage – JAM

This is Just-A-Minute with Ed Boggess. I read where one man advertised for a wife in the newspaper and he got 300 replies? Most of them were from men who wrote, “You can have mine.” Why is it there are so many unhappy marriages? One reason might be there has never been much effort at really improving the marriage. We take classes to learn math, science, language and so forth; but couples are expected to know how to be a good husband or wife without ever having any instruction. But marriage is like anything else. Good marriages don’t just happen; they are made, they are built. It can be learned through trial and error; but a better and more effective way is through a workshop designed to strengthen the marriage.

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On Thanksgiving day, my wife and I will …

On Thanksgiving day, my wife and I will visit the home of one of our members, who through her generosity, and the generosity of her three sisters will have plenty of food and fellowship.

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“I wanna go home.”

From time to time  mother says, “I wanna go home.”  I have learned she is referring to her physical  home with her mother and daddy. “Up yonder where they live,” she will reply when queried.   We’ve revisited how her parents have passed away, funeral, burial spot and how we  put flowers on their graves. We’ve covered their being  saved and that one day we will have a grand reunion with them once again.

No matter the age,  we never lose our desire to go home. Mother’s parents have been dead 46 years. She is ninety-nine years old and still wants to go home. The desire to be home with loved ones resides deep within and never leaves us.

A girlfriend used to bring her accordian to school occasionally. At lunch time she would sing and play for us. One of the songs she sang was “I’m homesick for Heaven, I’ve got a longing to go.”  Today I can still see her loving smile and hear her beautiful, deep, voice as she sang the song.

We can look back through the eyes of memory to the homes we once had, but we look forward to a far greater heavenly home that is being prepared for those who love Him.  It is a good thing to be homesick for Heaven and have a longing to go.

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The “House Church” Phenomenon

From the Denver Post, comes the following article heading: “Growing number of worshipers make themselves at home.”

Just wondered what views you brethren have on this growing phenomenon?

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Thoughts on home

What comes to mind when you think of home? The familiar. The sights and smells of normal. Water that tastes “right.” That comfortable chair. Same goes for the bed. Peace and quiet. The regular routine. But mostly home is about the people you love. Everything else can be in place, but if the ones you love aren’t there, it doesn’t really feel like home.

Someday we will all be home–when all the family will be gathered in. What a day that will be. And Barbara is already a step ahead of us.

I’ve met so many of our brothers and sisters for the first time and, after a few hours of talking, felt like I’d known them all my life. I wonder if this won’t happen over, and over, and over again in heaven.

Growing up, my immediate family wasn’t large. My present family isn’t either, so heaven will be a change, but it’s a change I can get used to.

Having participated in the Fellowship Room for a few months, I have a great desire to meet every one of you. I realize that will not likely happen this side of heaven, but I’m confident we will meet–someday. And talk. And in a very short span it will seem as if we had always known each other. Till then.

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Whgat does home mean to me?

Home means my sanctuary. Linda and I just discussed this last week. It is my place away from the rest of the world. Home is where the heart is as far geography. My heart is in Texas. So are my boots. seriously, as a pilgrim is this world, 1 Peter 1, heaven is my home. When my journey here in this life is over, then I’ll go home. Praise God, for my real home.


Home for me

When we moved to Brazil in 1984, I told my wife that this was home. Home is where our family is. I’d heard missionaries talk about going “home” to the States. They’d never made the switch in their emotional loyalties.

To this day people will ask me, “So are you going to make Brazil your home?” I want to tell them, “I made Brazil my home on Nov. 28, 1984.”

Last year, I traveled in the U.S., alone, for two months. Every day, I missed home. Every day, I wanted to go home. I love my parents, siblings, uncles and aunts. I love the land of my birth, visited my old high school and congregation where I was baptized. I’m grateful for those roots.

But I wasn’t home.

Now, let me shift gears.

Home is the haven where we rest, relax, enjoy each other, cherish our family. And it’s a place where we open the door for hospitality. For people to share in the gospel, the peace of where we live, the love that reigns here. Home is the place where we learn trust, forgiveness, tolerance, truth. Home is the promise of heaven.

Home is to me the sweetest word.

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What Does “Home” Mean To Me?

The word “home” brings to my mind the idea of warmth, safety, security, encouragement, acceptance, and quietness. A place where an individual can escape the world’s pressures and evil influences. When I think of the word “home”, I immediately think of John 14:1-4, where Jesus talks about His Father’s house. Wherever Jesus and the Father are, that is where all of the above characteristics exist.

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Daily Nudge: home — and news

What does the word “home” mean to you? What associations attach to the word in your mind? As one of the most beloved words in the English language, it’s carries deeply personal images and connections for each person.

I’m short on news today, so you’ll have to supply some!

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Preparing for Your Own Godly Home

Am listening to Bro. Mike Bonner’s presentation of how to prepare and have godly homes. It’s one of the best presentations I’ve heard in a long time, and heartily recommend you listen to it, if you haven’t already done so.


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