House to House facilities heavily damaged in tornado

I received this message from an email shared by the House to House, Heart to Heart effort in Jacksonville, Alabama:

All four buildings of the Jacksonville church of Christ received damage. The student center has siding blown off, the auditorium has holes in the roof, the fellowship hall has a lot of damage, and the office building where the House to House/Heart to Heart, Polishing the Pulpit, and the Great Smoky Mountain Marriage Retreat, and other works are done, was completely destroyed.

The congregation is seeking voluntary financial support to aid in the recovery.

More details, along with pictures, can be viewed on this GoFundMe page that has been set up on behalf of the elders of the Jacksonville congregation.

Links to help share and spread the information via social-media are available on the GoFundMe site.

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Relationship comparison to an old barn

With this link you can read a great article from Glad Tidings of Good Things by Neil Richey called, “Relationships are like old barns”.

Whether you’re a farmer or not, the point is too simple to not understand.

The illustration gets tied to family relationships but any relationship worth having can easily be involved.

It’s worth reading and sharing with others.

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H2H will soon be sending out its largest mailing ever

Here’s some good news worth passing along.

House to House, Heart to Heart will soon be sending its largest mailing ever – 3,217,118 copies!

According to the latest newsletter, 1,336 churches in 49 states, Australia, The Bahamas, Belgium, England, Cameroon, Fiji, Guyana, India, Malawi, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Palau, Republic of Kirbati, Scotland, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Trinidad and Tobago will be working together to present the topic, “Why Does God Allow Suffering?” to the general public in their homes.


Suggest topics for the 2017 issues of House to House

Have a topic suggestion for a 2017 issue of House to House? You can share it by clicking here.

2017 topics

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Baseball and the Bible: A great illustration

Here’s a great illustration from House to House, Heart to Heart on religious unity and authority by Eddy Gilpin. The article makes a spiritual point and plea by using a historic game of baseball that was played in Cuba in 1999 as an example of two very different teams being able to see things alike because they played by the rules.

For you Twitter users, the story even ends with a chance to tweet this short but poignant question:

If two baseball teams can see the need for authority and seeing matters alike, why can’t we in the religious…

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House to House, Heart to Heart is looking for topic suggestions

If you, or your congregation, is a supporter of the House to House effort you may find this interesting:

We are working on topics for next year’s
House to House/Heart to Heart. We need your help!

Recently we covered:

  • “God, What Do You Want from Me?”
  • “I’m Looking for a Church that Is Not so . . .”
  • “I Have this Nagging Fear that I Am Not Saved. How can I know for sure?”
The next three topics will be:
  • July: God’s Design for the Family
  • September: It All Comes Down to This: God’s Supreme Court (Bible Authority)
  • November: The God of Second Chances

What topics do you think would be good for next year? What topics are your visitors and community asking about? Give us your suggestions.

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Churches of Christ set a new record with the House to House Publication

I got an email yesterday from H2H that was spreading the great news. I pray that the seed falls into some good soil and produces fruit both now and in the future.

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Interview with the Most Popular Writer

Interview with Allen Webster of House to House. His articles are read by millions of people.  See what he has to say about writing.

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